iPad Randomly Crashes And Glitches Out: 8 Common Causes of iPad Crashes

iPad Randomly Crashes And Glitches Out

If your iPad crashes, it might be because of certain apps or a problem with the iPad itself. You can try several easy fixes listed below.

What Causes My iPad to Crash Frequently?

There are a few potential reasons why your iPad is shutting down on its own:

  • Running out of memory
  • Low battery
  • Outdated iPadOS
  • Issues after a recent software update
  • Not enough storage space
  • Jailbreak causing problems
  • Hardware malfunction
  • The device is too old for demanding apps

Tips: Some users mistake “crash” for “auto-lock.” When an iPad seems to “crash” to the lock screen occasionally, it's a feature that keeps your data secure and saves battery. This happens when the iPad isn't used for a few minutes. 

You can adjust this setting in iPadOS, and it's not a bug. However, you can delay or turn off the auto sleep feature if you prefer.

How Can I Stop My iPad From Crashing?

These solutions address specific issues but feel free to try each fix to see if it works.

  • Restart your iPad to clear any potential memory issues causing crashes. This straightforward step often resolves unclear problems.

Tip: If a regular restart doesn't work, attempt a hard reset.

  • A low battery can sometimes cause unexpected behavior on your iPad, like apps crashing or sluggish performance. To rule this out, charge your iPad for a few hours and observe if the problem continues once it's fully powered up. This simple step can help isolate the issue and determine if a more complex solution is needed.
  • Review your storage usage, remove unused apps, or temporarily uninstall apps using a lot of space. Crashes might occur due to not having enough storage space.

  • Keep your iPad's software up-to-date by installing any available iPadOS updates, even if you suspect a recent update caused crashes. This is especially important if the update has been available for a while. Installing the update might resolve the issue.

Note: Jailbreaking your iPad can increase its susceptibility to crashes. If your iPad is jailbroken, upgrading should replace the OS with the official version from Apple, likely resolving the issue of it shutting down on its own. If the jailbreak persists after the upgrade, proceed to Step 6.

It's important to regularly update your iPad's operating system. New updates often include bug fixes that may resolve the issue.

Tips: If certain apps crash frequently, turn on automatic app updates to ensure they always receive the latest updates from their developers.

  • If you suspect the current iPadOS version is causing the crashes, and it's the latest one available, consider reverting your iPad to the previous OS version.

Although it may seem redundant after suggesting an OS upgrade, it's best to test the latest OS before assuming a previous version is better. 

If you've completed the previous step and updated your iPad with all available updates from Apple, and you still suspect the software is the issue, downgrade to the most recent version that you know works well on your iPad.

  • Perform a full reset on your iPad. This action deletes all stored data, hopefully removing whatever is causing it to crash. While it's irreversible and drastic, it's the last resort to address a software-related issue causing the iPad to shut down on its own.

If you're unable to follow those steps due to the iPad shutting down too quickly, attempt to reset the iPad using iTunes.

Note: If you opted to restore from a backup during the reset and the problem persists, repeat the process, but this time set up the iPad as a new device. This is because the backup may be corrupted.

  • The apps you're using might be too demanding for your iPad's current capabilities.  To address this, you can check the app requirements to see if there's a compatibility issue. 

If so, you can either stop using those specific apps or consider upgrading to a newer iPad with better hardware that can handle them.

Another indication you might require a newer iPad is if it's too old to support the latest iPadOS version. An outdated OS, as mentioned earlier, could be adding to the crashes.

  • If none of the previous steps have worked, schedule an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar. At this point, the iPad likely has a hardware issue that Apple can investigate further.

The most probable solution is to replace the iPad battery, especially if it consistently dies earlier than expected based on the battery level.


Why does my iPad crash when browsing websites?

  • Clear your browsing history and website data in Settings.
  • Restart your iPad.
  • If crashes continue, disable autofill and Safari syncing with iCloud.

Why does Roblox keep crashing on my iPad?

  • Update both Roblox and your iPad software.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Close other apps to free up memory.
  • Ensure you have enough storage space on your iPad.
  • Restart your iPad. If crashes persist, consider reinstalling Roblox.

Why does Facebook keep crashing on my iPad?

  • Update your iPad's software (Settings > General > Software Update).
  • Make sure you're using the newest version of the Facebook app.