iPad Pro 2024: M4 Chipset to Tandem OLED Display

iPad Pro 2024 Spec

At the recent Let Loose event on Tuesday, Apple unveiled a significant update to its iPad series. The newly enhanced, more budget-friendly iPad Pro is now equipped with a tandem OLED screen and an M4 chipset, which promises faster processing and enhanced visuals.

This model also features a slimmer design, offering a sleek and more portable option for users. 

Along with these improvements, the iPad Pro comes with upgraded accessories and numerous additional features, enhancing its usability and performance for a wide range of applications.

Here are the top 5 features of the iPad Pro:

1) First-ever M4 chip:

Apple introduced its first M4 chipset in the newest iPad Pro on Tuesday. This processor uses 3-nanometre technology, which is more energy-efficient and provides up to 1.5 times better CPU performance than the M2 chipset in the previous iPad Pro.

The new processor also includes a new display engine that improves precision, color, and brightness.

2) Concentrate on AI:

Apple is now embracing artificial intelligence. They describe the iPad Pro as a “tremendously powerful AI device.” According to Apple, the M4 chipset features their strongest neural engine yet, which can handle 38 trillion operations per second.

Apple asserts that the neural engine in the M4 chipset surpasses those in current AI PCs, allowing the iPad to complete AI tasks more quickly.

Furthermore, the enhanced frameworks in iPadOS are said to simplify the process for developers to employ the neural engine. This enables them to implement AI features like operating diffusion or generative AI models on the device.

3) Thinnest Apple product:

Apple has made its iPad Pro range much thinner by using a new OLED panel.

The newest iPad Pro is now called the ‘thinnest Apple product ever.' The 11-inch version is only 5.33mm thick, and the 13-inch model is 5.1mm thick.

Apple has also made the iPad Air and iPad Pro models lighter. The Pro series is lighter than the Air series for the first time.

4) OLED display:

For the first time, Apple has added OLED screens to its iPad Pro models. The latest iPad Pro includes an OLED Ultra Retina XDR screen using tandem OLED technology. This technology uses two OLED panels together to enhance overall screen brightness.

According to Apple, tandem OLED technology makes images and videos look brighter and keeps details clear in dark areas and low light. It also improves how moving content is displayed.

5) New accessories:

Apple has released new versions of iPad Pro accessories like the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil Pro. The Magic Keyboard attaches magnetically to the iPad Pro and uses a smart connector, so Bluetooth is not required.

This updated accessory includes a row of function keys for adjusting screen brightness and volume. It also has a bigger trackpad, along with an aluminum hinge and palm rest.

Apple states that the latest Magic Keyboard aims to make the new iPad Pro feel similar to a MacBook.

The Apple Pencil has been updated significantly for the first time since 2018. The updated Apple Pencil Pro includes new functions, such as a squeeze gesture that lets users do different tasks.

Additionally, Apple has added ‘Find My' support to the Pencil Pro, helping users find their lost accessory.