How To Fix Ipad Frozen Screen?

Since its launch, the iPad has become very popular. Sometimes, it might freeze or get stuck while you're using it. There are a few reasons this could happen, but there are solutions you can try.

An iPad might get stuck or frozen due to various reasons. Conflicting apps, corrupted memory, low battery, insufficient storage space, or issues with the operating system could be the culprits.

How To Fix iPad That's Stuck or Frozen?

Certain solutions are quick, while others may require more time, but one of these remedies should help restore your iPad's functionality soon. While some fixes can be applied while the iPad is frozen, others may need to wait until it's operational again to address the underlying issue.

  • Restart the iPad

To turn off and restart your iPad, hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds. If the power off slider appears, slide it to power down. Then, press the Sleep/Wake button again to turn it back on. If it's frozen, try a force restart.

  • Initiate a force restart.

Do a force restart by holding down both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons together for a few seconds. Let go when you see the Apple logo appear.

If your iPad lacks a Home button and is unresponsive, press the volume buttons in quick succession (up then down) and hold the top button until it restarts (Apple logo appears).

  • Plug in the iPad to charge the battery.

When an iPad's battery is very low, it may seem frozen. Charge it for an hour and try again. If the battery frequently runs low, take measures to prolong its life.

Note: To apply the remaining fixes for frequent freezes, you need access to the iPad Home screen, when it's not frozen.

ipad frozen screen

  • Remove the problematic app.

If your iPad gets stuck when you open a certain app, removing the app might fix the issue.

Note: You can reinstall deleted apps from the App Store.

  • Clear space on the iPad by removing unused apps or files.

Apps are getting bigger, which can lead to your iPad freezing if it's filled with too many. To prevent this, remove unused apps and check for those using excessive memory.

  • Reset the iPad settings to their default values.

You can reset all the settings on your iPad to their default values without losing your data. This action removes location, privacy, Apple Pay, Home screen layouts, and network settings, but keeps your data and apps.

  • Reset the iPad to its original factory settings.

If your iPad freezes due to an operating system problem, restore it to factory settings. This removes all data and returns it to its original state. Afterward, reinstall your apps and data. It's like having a new iPad, but you can restore a backup if available.

ipad frozen screen

Note: Regularly back up your iPad to reduce data loss during restoration.

If your iPad keeps freezing despite restoring it to factory settings, seek technical assistance from Apple Support or visit an Apple Store. Consider purchasing a new iPad if necessary.

Tip: Before going to the Apple Store, schedule an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar online to avoid waiting for technical support.