Apple’s iPad 2024: M4 Chip Leads Surprising Array of New Features

iPad 2024 Launched

After a significant hiatus since their last release in 2022, Apple has finally unveiled a new lineup of iPads, marking a major update in their tablet offerings. The announcement came during Apple's “Let Loose” virtual event, where they introduced four new iPad models. 

This lineup includes two versions of the iPad Air and two versions of the iPad Pro, which are available in both 11-inch and 13-inch sizes. 

This broadens the choices for consumers, offering a range of sizes and capabilities to suit different needs. A key change in these new models is the relocation of the FaceTime cameras. 

They have been moved from the short edge to the long edge of the device, which could enhance user experience during video calls by providing a more natural angle.

These screens have a maximum brightness of 1,600 nits in HDR mode and 1,000 nits in SDR mode. This matches the brightness of Apple's top-end Pro XDR Display.

Additionally, the latest iPad Pro models are now powered by the new M4 chip, which promises enhanced performance and efficiency. This update is significant, as it brings the power of Apple's top-tier processing technology to the iPad range. 

The starting price for the new iPad Pro is $999, positioning it as a premium option in Apple's tablet portfolio. 

Accompanying the new iPads, Apple also released revamped versions of the Pencil and Magic Keyboards, aiming to complement the upgraded features and enhance the overall user experience. 

These additions and improvements reflect Apple's ongoing commitment to innovation and maintaining a leading position in the technology market. 

The 10th-gen iPad is now cheaper at $349 (£349, AU$599). You can order the new iPads today, and they will start shipping next week.

Apple has introduced a new Pencil Pro for $129 (£129, AU$219). It has an improved sensor that gives haptic feedback. 

This Pencil Pro can be squeezed and twisted. Twisting it, a feature named Barrel Roll, changes the shapes of brushes. Squeezing it opens special menus, and it also works with Find My.

The new Pencil Pro works with the latest Air and Pro models but not with the older Pro models, as per Apple's website.

These iPads are the first new ones since the iPad Pro M2 in 2022. The FaceTime camera has moved to the long edge. This change stops the awkward side views during calls and makes Face ID work better.

So far, just the 10th-generation iPad featured this camera arrangement.

The updated Pro models are thinner and are still available in 11 and 13-inch sizes. 

This is due to the new OLED screens. They use two OLED panels, called Tandem OLED, to reach a high brightness of 1,600 nits in HDR. Apple names this Ultra Retina XDR.

Like the desktop screens, they offer a Nano Texture option, which reduces glare. The prices begin at $999 for the 11-inch and $1,399 for the 13-inch.

The Pro features a new M4 chip, skipping over the M3. This chip is mainly a faster version that supports advanced OLED screen technology.

The chip still uses 3-nanometer technology from the M3 generation. It includes four performance cores, six efficiency cores, 10 GPU cores, and a new display controller for the HDR OLED screen. It also has improved cooling features. The colors available are silver and space black.

The latest model includes a 12-megapixel rear camera with f1.8 Smart HDR, lidar, and an improved TrueTone flash that enhances document photos by reducing shadows. This model also offers up to 2TB of storage and a 5G option.

The new iPad Airs largely resemble previous iPad Pros. They are available in a redesigned 11-inch and a new 13-inch size, using older Liquid Retina display technology instead of the mini LED found in the Pros.

The 11-inch model features landscape speakers with spatial audio, and the 13-inch version includes enhanced bass.

Both models have the M2 chip and now come in blue and purple. They offer 512GB and 1TB sizes, priced at $599 (£599, AU$999) for the 11-inch and $799 (£799, AU$1,299) for the 13-inch.

The new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro keeps the floating design. It includes function keys and a bigger trackpad with haptic feedback. It is priced starting at $349 (£349, AU$579).