6 Rumoured IOS 18 Features Beyond AI 

ios 18 six new features

Next week at WWDC, while new AI features will grab attention, Apple is also gearing up for a range of changes in iOS 18. These include customizable home screen options, design updates, and more. Here are all 6 rumored non-AI features in iOS 18.

Customize Your Home Screen with Icons

Apple may soon let iPhone users arrange their app icons and widgets freely on the Home Screen, breaking away from the current rigid grid system.

The iPad now allows users to place widgets anywhere on the home screen, a feature similar to Android's.

Customize Your App Icons

In iOS 18, users will have the option to personalize their app icons on the home screen. According to Bloomberg, this upcoming feature will allow users to change the colors of their app icons throughout the entire system for the first time.

We're still waiting for more information about how this will function. Bloomberg's example hints at the possibility of customizing social icons to blue or financial icons to green.

Enhancements to Apple Maps

In the upcoming iOS 18 update, Apple Maps is set to introduce a feature that will allow users to design their personalized routes, providing a significant shift in the navigation experience for iPhone users. This anticipated addition will enable individuals to plan their journeys according to their unique preferences and requirements.

This new feature will enable users to create routes that cater to their needs, offering options such as selecting preferred roads, avoiding tolls, or incorporating scenic routes. By providing this level of customization, iOS 18 promises to redefine how users interact with navigation tools, allowing them to take control of their travel experiences like never before.

ios 18 six new features

Better Control Center

Bloomberg's latest scoop reveals that iOS 18 will introduce a revamped Control Center for iPhone users. This upgrade will include enhancements to the music widget and improved integration with HomeKit.

At present, iOS automatically selects about six accessories to feature in the Control Center's Home section. However, this automated system only sometimes prioritizes the controls users need. 

While Bloomberg hasn't provided specific details about iOS 18's enhancements to HomeKit support in the Control Center, one focus area will likely involve offering users greater customization options.

Customizing Message Appearance

Recent reports suggest that iOS 18 might bring a game-changing feature to the Messages app: the ability to add animations to specific words in text messages. This update could revolutionize how iPhone users express themselves, offering dynamic visual elements to enhance everyday conversations. 

With a diverse array of animations tailored to match the tone and content of messages, this innovation promises to make interactions more engaging. It underscores Apple's commitment to pushing the boundaries of user experience. Users eagerly await the release of iOS 18 to bring new life to their text conversations with this exciting feature.

New Settings App

Reportedly, iOS 18 is poised to unveil a refreshed Settings application tailored for iPhone fans. This overhauled rendition promises a redesigned interface, enhancing the organization of settings for a smoother user experience.

Additionally, it is rumored that an advanced search feature will be incorporated, facilitating swift access to desired settings with utmost ease.