iOgrapher Pro – A Camera Rig For Tablets Start Crowdfunding Campaign

iOgrapher is a company that's been in existence for 5 years (don't worry, I'd never heard of them before this week either) manufacturing photo rigs and covers for tablets and smartphones.

And now they are seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo for the iOgrapher Pro, a photo rig for tablets with handle bars, that can fit tablets that are a minimum of 9 inches wide, up to 13.69 inches wide, so that excludes the iPad mini. But it seems that this isn't really the target group either.

In addition to fitting a tablet, the iOgrapher Pro can be screwed onto a tripod, and have two camera lights screwed onto the sides, while it also has standard accessory shoes for other camera equipment, like microphones, more lights, and other standard fits.

The first 200 backers can get this camera rig for $50. The crowdfunding is open until March, and they estimate that shipping will start in August.

Camera rig for tablets

– Jim Miller