Internal Pictures Of The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Ever wondered what a tablet computer looks like on the inside? There are most definitely differences between the way tablet PC's look like internally, with some tablets looking like they were pieced together in a hurry without too much care about durability down the line, while other tablets give off an impression of being well designed, filled with hardware, and feature strong chassis.

I was looking at the way the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 tablets have been designed and put together internally, and these tablets obviously fall into the category of looking well designed even on the inside.

So here you can take a look at how the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 looks like on the inside yourself, and you get to see just how much space the battery takes up, seen in light gray in the middle of the tablet. The specific model here is the 4G LTE version SM-T875.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 motherboard

– Jim Miller