IFA 2014 – What’s Up In Tablets?

With the IFA trade show in Berlin commencing on September 3rd for exhibitors and their press announcement kick-off, what can we expect in the tablets category?

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That seems difficult to predict actually, and what is expected now is a smörgåsbord of tablets from various manufacturers and with tablets of various operating systems being showcased, both leaked and previously unheard of tablets.

The first manufacturers to hold press conferences are Toshiba, Acer, and Sony on Wednesday, September 3rd. Sometimes companies also release press releases a day ahead of press conferences too, to gain more coverage.

The the following day, both Samsung, Lenovo, and Wacom will hold press conferences.
So we should basically be able to prepare our Christmas wish list of new tablets by Friday already, although we still have to wait for expected autumn updates of iPad's, Kindle Fire's, and Surface's, and possibly even a Nexus or two before we can send our wish list to Santa.

Sony have the most probable leak, so we definitely expect to see the launch of the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact on Wednesday. Another tablet that will be showcased is a Archos tablet, with Archos moving into Windows 8 territory with their first 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet called Archos 80 Cesium Tablet alongside their Windows OS Archos 40 Cesium Smartphone, both of which are pricier than their competitors from more reputable brands.

IFA Mascot
IFA Mascot

Other tablet manufacturers have had a lot of leaks lately, especially Lenovo and Asus, so an official update will do a lot of good at this point. There's also a backlog of tablets that are overdue for release at this point, with some having been release in Europe weeks ago already, while they are still behind on their release dates in the US.

Some tablet manufacturers will also wait until the attention towards IFA has died down, and will instead host their own events throughout September, October, and November, which will be high season for new Windows tablets in particular, with some of them already being 3rd generation Windows 8 tablets by now.

So that gives us a lot to look forward too in the days and months ahead.

– Tom Bowen