Huawei MatePad SE 10.4 2023 Model Launch This Week

Huawei will launch the Huawei MatePad SE 10.4 2023 this week, starting in Asia, where it's launching on February 18 for $219.

And Huawei, like we have seen with Apple, Samsung, and Teclast, isn't giving this tablet a complete overhaul. Instead they are just adding a version with 6GB of RAM together with 128GB of storage (model number Agassi5-W00E).

People have told us that they actually like this method of upgrading a tablet, by only upgrading some parts of the hardware or updating the software, instead of launching an entirely new tablet if the market really doesn't call for it.

So the rest of the specs for the Huawei MatePad SE 10.4 are the same as before. Meaning HarmonyOS 3, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor, a 2000 x 1200 resolution Full HD display, 5MP front and rear cameras, a 7600 mAh battery, and Wi-Fi 5.

The price may not be very high, but considering that it's up against tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5, which is on sale for just $139 around Valentine's Day, Huawei doesn't really stand much of a chance against Samsung in this particular tablet category.

– Tom Bowen