Huawei MateBook E Windows tablet Unveiling On May 18

Huawei released a very brief teaser today of their soon to launch new 2-in-1 Windows tablet Huawei MateBook E.

It will be unveiled as soon as Thursday, May 18, and will launch in green pink, and white, at least.

The predecessor has been a good Windows tablet, apart from the small battery.

Huawei MateBook E 2023 tablets
Huawei MateBook E 2023

But it was launched in 2021, so it is in need of a small upgrade to keep performing at the upper end among Windows tablets. Though it won't be anything close to as powerful as the Asus ROG Flow Z13 2nd Gen. (2023 Model) of course.

The first Huawei MateBook tablets with Windows were launched back in 2016, and even the first generation models were good, so it's only been the small battery that I've found to be its only drawback.

I can't tell all the processor options the new model will get, despite knowing the model numbers for some of the new Huawei tablets launching this summer, including BTK-W00, BTKZ-W00, BTK-W09, BTKZ-AL00, and BTK-AL09.

– Tom Bowen