Huawei Google Nexus 7 Andromeda Tablet Rumor – Supposedly Not Pixel

Early in September, Evan Blass said that he believed the Huawei-built next Google Nexus 7 tablet was still going to be released before the end of 2016, and that it will have 4GB of RAM, something that had been expected ever since the end of 2015.

But ever since the September rumor, a lot of people have been anticipating Google Pixel branded tablets instead, simply because of the upcoming Google Pixel smartphones that will be taking over for the Nexus smartphones.

But according to sources like 9to5google, the next Google tablet will still be called Nexus, though their sources now believes that the Huawei Nexus tablet will not run Android, but the expected new Chrome + Android based Andromeda hybrid OS.

AndroidPolice however believes that Google will launch the first Andromeda device in Q3 2017, and they believe it will be on a possible 12.3-inch notebook and not on a 7-inch tablet in 2016.

So that leaves a lot of questions to be answered, and the rumors are thin at this point. That may simply indicate that we are one year away from the Andromeda device launch though.

The first official Google event now is the upcoming October 4th event, where Google is expected to unveil two Pixel smartphones, along with some other peripherals. No images or documents have leaked for a new tablet yet though. Unlike the 4K Google Chromecast Ultra which have just leaked properly, as seen in the image below.

– Tom Bowen