How to Share Location from Mac Instead of iPhone

Want an easy way to let people know where you are without constantly grabbing your phone? You can share your precise real-time location directly from your MacBook.

Spot Your Coordinates in Apple Maps

With location access enabled, launch Maps on your Mac.

The app should automatically detect and display your exact location with a blue dot. You can also manually enter an address to mark a spot on the map.

Select a Contact to Share With

Once your position is shown in Maps:

1. Click “Share” in the top right
2. Choose the contact from the dropdown menu
3. Pick “Allow” to confirm sharing

Your real-time location will now continuously update for that person.

Set a Cutoff Time for Sharing

By default, there's no limit on location sharing through Maps. To make it temporary:

1. Click the arrow next to the contact name
2. Select “Stop Sharing My Location

Repeat to turn sharing off or on anytime.

More Ways to Share From Your Mac

Along with Maps, your Mac gives other built-in sharing options:

– Directly through Contacts
– Add location to Calendar events
– Third-party Mac apps

Troubleshooting Problems

If you have issues sharing your location:

– Confirm Location Services are on
– Check your internet connection
– Update your Mac operating system
– Reboot your MacBook

Tips for Sharing From a MacBook

Follow these tips for better sharing:

– Only share with trusted people
– Customize location accuracy
– Set sharing time limits
– Ensure reliable WiFi

Key Takeaways

– Easily share live location from your Mac
– Turn on Location Services first
– Use Apple Maps to find and share spot
– Send to contacts and set sharing duration
– Fix problems by checking settings and WiFi


With this guide, you can conveniently share your coordinates straight from your MacBook instead of constantly using your iPhone. Let important people instantly know exactly where you are located right from your laptop.