How to Record Skype Video Calls: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you tired of trying to remember important details from your Skype video calls? Whether you're conducting interviews, planning business meetings, or simply want to keep a record of important conversations, it's always a good idea to record your calls. While there are plenty of apps available for recording calls on smartphones, recording Skype calls requires a different approach. In this article, we will explore various methods and tools available for recording Skype video calls.

Before We Begin

Before we dive deep into the recording process, it's important to understand the legal aspects. When recording conversations, it is crucial to obtain consent from all participants. It is also essential to familiarize yourself with your country's laws regarding call recording, especially if you plan to use the recordings for legal purposes.

1. Record Skype Video Calls on Android

Recording Skype video calls on Android devices can be a bit challenging due to the limitations of the operating system. Android does not allow two different apps to use the microphone simultaneously, which means that while you're on a Skype call, other recording apps won't be able to record audio. However, there is a workaround for this issue.

One popular app for recording Skype calls on Android is Mobizen. It is highly recommended due to its simplicity and effectiveness. To use Mobizen, download the app from the Play Store and launch it. Once the app optimizes itself based on your smartphone model, you will see a floating orange icon with the letter “m.” This icon provides options for recording video, accessing settings, and capturing your screen.

Mobizen offers various settings for recording videos, including different resolutions, quality levels, and frame rates. It also features a clean recording mode that hides the floating button, removes watermarks and timers, and improves the overall recording quality. To use the app, make a Skype call and click the recording button on Mobizen. You can control the recording from the notification center.

If you want to record internal sound without using the speaker mode, Mobizen offers an earphone solution specifically designed for recording Skype calls. The app also provides additional features such as face cam recording, video editing, background audio insertion, custom watermarks, and countdown timers. The pro version of Mobizen, which removes ads, is available for $9.99.

2. Record Skype Video Calls on iPhone

Recording Skype video calls on iPhones follows a different process compared to Android devices. One popular tool for recording Skype calls on iPhones is Apowersoft Screen Recorder. To begin, download the Apowersoft Screen Recorder app on your iOS device and ensure that your iPhone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.

Next, install the desktop version of Apowersoft Screen Recorder on your computer by visiting their website. Launch the desktop app and configure settings such as video quality, file format, and save location. On your iPhone, open Control Center and enable Airplay Mirroring. Connect to your desktop computer, which should appear as a TV icon in the Airplay Mirroring options.

Once your iPhone screen is mirrored on your computer, launch Skype and initiate the video call. Click the video record button on your computer to start recording the Skype video call. Apowersoft Screen Recorder also allows you to take screenshots during the call. Make sure to use a microphone connected to your computer for sound recording.

3. Record Skype Video Calls on Windows/Mac

Recording Skype video calls on Windows and macOS is relatively simple. All you need is a reliable screen recording software. Simply record your desktop screen while conducting the Skype call, ensuring that the audio source is set to the internal microphone.

One recommended tool for recording Skype calls on both Windows and macOS is Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. Download and install the desktop version of Apowersoft Screen Recorder, and configure the settings according to your preferences. Make the Skype video call and click the start recording button on your browser to begin recording. You can record sound using the microphone or the speaker.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder offers additional features such as annotations, multiple video formats, and an editor for customization. For macOS users, QuickTime can also be used to record Skype calls, but it is advisable to record at a lower resolution to prevent overheating and software crashes during the call.

Wrapping Up: Skype Video Call Recorder for Android, iOS, Windows/Mac

In conclusion, there are multiple options available for recording Skype video calls on different devices. For Android, Mobizen is a highly recommended app due to its simplicity and additional features such as earphone support. Apowersoft Screen Recorder is an excellent choice for recording Skype calls on iPhones, Windows, and macOS, offering various customization options.

Choose the method that suits your device and recording requirements. Record your Skype video calls effortlessly and never miss out on important details again.