Print On-the-Go: Easy Steps for Samsung Tablet Users

How to Print From a Samsung Tablet

If your printer requires additional software, you can download it from the Play Store. To find your printer using your tablet, navigate to the app and tap on the Share or Settings button.

This will help you access the printing options. It's important to ensure your tablet is connected to the same network as the printer for seamless printing.

How can you link a Samsung tablet with a printer?

Just like computers, tablets have the capability to directly print documents and images. However, before you can do so, it's necessary to install the appropriate plugin. Here's how you can go about it:

  • Go to the home screen, swipe down, and select the settings icon.
  • Find Connections, then tap More Connection settings, and select Printing.
  • Select “Download plugin.”

Tip: Some printers might function right away, without needing any additional plugins. Ensure to enable Default Print Service to verify if your printer appears among the available choices. This makes it convenient to select your preferred printing device directly from your tablet.

  • On the Google Play store, you'll find printer plugins for different brands like HP, Lexmark, Canon, Brother, etc. Select the one that matches your printer brand, such as HP, for example.

Tip: Normally, your printer's brand is visible on its outside. If not, find the manual that came with the printer when you bought it. It should have the necessary information.

  1. Tap “Install” to add the plugin to your tablet.
  2. Wait until it's done, then tap the back button until you return to the Printing menu.
  3. You should now see the newly installed printer plugin. Make sure it's turned on.

Print from a Samsung tablet

Once you've set up the plugin, printing from your tablet becomes straightforward. Simply launch the app or web browser where the content is located, then proceed with the following instructions:

  • Select the button with the print option. It could be named Share or hidden behind three dots in the menu, depending on your app or device.

Tip: In some cases, you might find a print option in the settings or another submenu. For instance, in Google Docs, you can find the Print feature within the Share & export option in the settings menu. Explore these menus for additional print settings and choices.

  • The system will get the content ready for printing, which usually takes a few seconds. After that, you'll see some print options that you can adjust if needed.
  • Select “All printers” and pick a printer. You can either “print” to PDF by selecting “Save as PDF” or choose a physical printer from the list of available devices.

Tip: If you're unable to locate your printer, explore networking options for wireless connections. For USB setups, employ an OTG adapter to connect the printer to your phone's charging port. In DeX mode, link it to a USB port on your DeX accessory for compatibility.

  • Tap the print icon to send the job to your chosen printer