How to Print Email From Gmail Without the Annoying Header

Printing Gmail threads and conversations can be a tedious task. Even if you manage to get them on a single page, the Gmail logo and header can be distracting and unprofessional. Luckily, there are a few neat ways to get rid of them and print your emails without any hassle.

1. Right-Click and Print

The simplest way to print an email from Gmail without the header is by selecting the text you want to print, right-clicking on it, and choosing the “Print” option. This will open up the print preview dialogue box, where you can see that the Gmail logo is missing. This method works well for printing a single email, but it can be time-consuming if you have multiple threads and conversations to print.

2. Inspect Element

If you want to remove the Gmail header as well, you can use the Inspect Element tool. This tool allows you to modify the code on any website. First, click on the print icon on the Gmail page to open the print preview page. Then, cancel the print preview and right-click on the webpage or press Ctrl+Shift+I to access the Inspect Element. In the Inspect Element tab, hover over the code until you find the <table> element that contains the Gmail logo. Right-click on it and select “Delete Element” to remove the logo. Next, expand the head section and double-click on the text to edit it. Remove the “Gmail” text or rename it to your liking. After making these changes, press Ctrl+P to print the page and see that the header and logo are no longer visible.

3. Chrome Extensions

For frequent Gmail printers, using a Chrome extension is a convenient option. There are several extensions available on the Google Web Store, such as “Pretty Print Gmail” and “Print Email without Logo,” that clean up the print page. However, these extensions still leave the header with the subject line. You can download a modified Chrome extension that removes the Gmail header from the email from a Google Drive link. After downloading and unzipping the file, go to Google Chrome’s Extensions menu, enable “Developer Mode,” click on “Load Unpacked,” and select the extracted folder. The extension will appear in the Chrome Extensions List, and when you print an email, the Gmail logo and header will be invisible.

In conclusion, if you print from Gmail frequently, downloading the extension is a good option. For one-time usage, selecting text or using Inspect Element to remove elements can be convenient. If you have any further questions or issues, feel free to let me know in the comments.

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