How to Play Spotify’s ‘Eat This Playlist’ Snake Game

In a recent app update, Spotify introduced a new hidden game called ‘Eat This Playlist.' It's similar to the classic Snake game we used to play for hours on our Nokia phones in our childhood. If you're eager to try out this game and relive your old memories while listening to your favorite music tracks, here's how to play Spotify's hidden Snake game on your iPhone and Android phone.

How to Find Spotify's Eat This Playlist Game

The game is hidden inside the Spotify playlist, and here's how to access it:

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your Android or iPhone and then jump to the Your Library tab.
  2. Open a playlist (custom playlist), then tap on the Meatball Menu (3-dotted icon).

Open the Spotify playlist

  1. Scroll down the menu and select Eat this playlist option to start the Snake game.

Select Eat this playlist option to start the Snake game

If you want to close the game, you can tap on the Cross (or X) icon in the top right corner.

Tap the Cross icon to close the snake game on the Spotify

How to Play Snake Game on Spotify

If you're already familiar with the snake game, you don't need any introduction. However, for those who are playing for the first time, here's how to play this game: Typically, there will be a snake and a fruit or egg, and you have to use gestures to control the snake's direction to devour the food.

But in the case of Spotify, they have done something different. Instead of food, they are using the tiny album cover, and it keeps playing the corresponding music until you collect the album cover. Also, when you eat the song's album art, it becomes part of the snake, and the next cover art appears on the screen. Additionally, the game also changes the background color based on the cover art.

And there's one more exciting feature we almost forgot to mention. If you're playing the game from any playlist or chart, you can tap on the Plus icon to instantly add the currently playing music to your Liked Songs playlist. Cool, isn't it?


  1. Will the ‘Eat This Playlist' game work on any playlist?
    No, during our testing, we found that it appears in playlists such as custom playlists (the ones you create), top charts, radio, and a few other playlists that Spotify has created for you, like workout, sad cover, fresh new music, and so on.

  2. Can we play the snake game on the Spotify Web or desktop app?
    Unfortunately, no. As of writing this article, the Eat This Playlist game is currently available only for the Android and iOS platforms.

  3. Is there any other hidden game in the Spotify app?
    Nope, Eat This Playlist is the only game available right now on Spotify. If we come to know about any others in the future, we will definitely let you know.

Unleash the Serpent on Spotify!

Playing the game while listening to the preview of the music is a great way to explore new and exciting songs without getting bored. Personally, we have enjoyed playing Snake after such a long time and have also discovered some really amazing songs, such as Cruel Summer, Unholy, Someone You Loved, and Middle of the Night.

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