How to Master Signal App: 10 Expert Tips for Smooth Usage

Signal Messenger has become the talk of the town in 2021. With the controversial privacy policy change by WhatsApp and a recent endorsement from Elon Musk, Signal has seen a surge in usage. If you've recently joined the Signal train and want to make the most of the app, you're in the right place. Here are 10 expert tips to help you get started and use Signal like a pro.

1. Disable ‘Contact Joined' Notifications

While it may be useful initially, constantly receiving notifications about which contacts have joined Signal can become overwhelming. Thankfully, Signal provides an option to disable these pop-ups. Simply go to the app settings, navigate to Notifications > Events, and disable the ‘Contact Joined Signal' option. This way, you can declutter your notification center.

2. Know When Your Message Is Read

Unlike WhatsApp's blue ticks, Signal uses a different system to indicate message status. A double-tick means the message was received, while a double-tick with a white background means the recipient has read the message, media, or file. Keep an eye out for these indicators to know when your message has been seen.

3. Delete Messages

Mistakes happen, and sometimes you may send a message to the wrong person or make a typo. Signal allows you to delete messages from both sides. Simply long-press on the message you want to delete, tap the delete icon at the bottom, and select ‘Delete for Everyone' from the menu. Just remember, the other person will receive a confirmation that you deleted a message.

4. Use Disappearing Messages

If you value privacy and want your messages to self-destruct, Signal has a handy feature called Disappearing Messages. You can enable this feature from the chat info and set a specific time for messages to disappear, ranging from 5 seconds to 1 week. This is particularly useful for sharing sensitive information like OTP messages.

5. Quote a Message

In lengthy conversations, it can be helpful to refer back to a specific message. Signal allows you to quote a message by long-pressing on it and selecting the left arrow at the bottom to type your response. This way, you can keep the conversation organized and easily refer to previous messages.

6. Change Chat Theme

For Android users, Signal offers the option to change the chat theme. Simply go to the chat info, tap on the Chat Color option, and choose from the available 13 color options. This allows you to personalize your chat experience and add a touch of visual appeal.

7. Disable Read Receipts and Typing Indicator

If you prefer to keep your activity private, Signal allows you to disable read receipts and typing indicators. This way, other users won't know when you've read their messages or when you're typing a response. Head to Signal Settings > Privacy and turn off Read Receipts and Typing Indicators for all users.

8. Block Unwanted Contacts

If you're bothered by unwanted messages or spam, Signal makes it easy to block contacts. Simply open the chat with the person you want to block, tap on their name, and select ‘Block User' from the menu. Once blocked, you won't receive any messages or updates from that user.

9. Lock Signal App

Just like WhatsApp and Telegram, Signal allows you to lock the app using biometrics on your device. Go to Signal Settings > Privacy > Screen Lock and enable the option. You can choose the lock duration, ranging from instant to one hour. This adds an extra layer of security to your conversations.

10. Link Devices

Signal allows you to use the app on multiple devices and link them to your account. For example, you can link Signal on your phone to your iPad or laptop. Simply use the QR code feature in the Linked Devices section of the app's settings. However, keep in mind that message history is stored on individual devices and won't sync across all linked devices.

In conclusion, Signal is gaining popularity for its privacy and security features. By following these expert tips, you can make the most of the app and use Signal like a pro on your iPhone or Android device. Give it a try and experience secure and private communication with your contacts.