How to Draw and Sign Documents in Google Docs

Google Docs lets you insert a handwritten signature or other image to electronically sign your documents. This guide walks through three easy ways to add a digital signature.

Method 1: Draw Your Signature in Google Docs

Method 1: Draw Your Signature in Google Docs
Method 1: Draw Your Signature in Google Docs

First, open the Google Doc you want to sign. Put your cursor where you want the signature to go.

Click Insert then Drawing then New to open a drawing window. Click the Line icon, choose Scribble, and sign your name with your mouse or finger.

Adjust the thickness or color if needed. Click Save and Close when done.

Your signature will appear in the document. Drag it wherever you need it. Resize by dragging the corners if it looks too big or small.

Method 2: Upload a Signature Photo

First, take a clear picture of your signature or scan it. Save the image file to your computer or Google Drive.

In your document, click Insert then Image. Choose your signature file to upload it.

Drag your signature wherever you need it. Resize by dragging the corners if needed.

Method 3: Use an Add-On Extension

Google Docs add-ons let you access extra tools. Check your Workspace Marketplace for secure signature extensions made for Google.

Install the add-on you want. Follow prompts to connect and sign in to your accounts. Place your signature when asked. Send to others to sign if needed.

When finished signing, the add-on will let you download a signed PDF copy.

Choosing the Best Method

Drawing your signature directly works fine for casual documents. Uploading a signature image works similarly but can be reused easily later.

Use a secure add-on for important legal paperwork. Add-ons authenticate signers and keep records of who signed what. This prevents people from forging your signature later.

Tips for Signing Successfully

Tips for Signing Successfully 
Tips for Signing Successfully

Make sure your signature is easy to read. Use thick lines if drawing it and good lighting if photographing it.

Place signatures in an empty space, not covering text. Resize carefully so it fits the document style.

For add-ons, let them access your account info needed to work correctly. Disable other add-ons temporarily if they block signatures.

Sign Multiple Copies at Once

To sign many copies of one form fast, make a template first with your signature included already. Then duplicate that file for each new copy you need.

Other Useful Things to Insert

Google Drawings isn’t just for signatures. Use it to:

  1. Draw shapes and diagrams
  2. Add custom images
  3. Annotate screenshots
  4. Design your own logos
  5. Create colorful text boxes


Drawing in Google Docs takes extra steps but gives you more creative freedom.

Combine text, images, charts, and drawings to make professional documents right inside Google Workspace.