How to Display Battery Percentage on iPhone Lock Screen

There is no native way to display battery percentage on the iPhone lock screen, but with the introduction of iOS 16, you can now take advantage of widgets to show battery percentage on your iPhone lock screen. In this article, we will show you how to do it.

Using Battery Percentage Widget on iPhone Lock Screen

iOS 16 has brought a new lock screen feature where you can add various widgets, including a battery percentage widget. This means you no longer need to buy expensive third-party apps just to display battery percentage on your iPhone lock screen.

  1. Lock your iPhone and tap anywhere on the screen to view the lock screen. Tap and hold to see the “+ plus icon and Customize” button. Swipe left to create a new lock screen or tap on Customize on the existing lock screen to add widgets. We will customize the existing lock screen, so tap on “Customize” at the bottom of the screen.

iphone lock screen customize options

  1. Choose a wallpaper if you want, and then tap on the “+ plus icon” below the clock widget.

iphone lock screen widgets option

  1. A Widgets Panel will appear from the bottom. Tap on “Batteries” and select the iPhone or Apple Watch battery widget. There are two different sizes to choose from. One displays a bar, while the other shows the battery percentage.

iphone lock screen battery widgets panel

  1. Once you have added the desired widgets, close the Widgets panel by tapping on the “X” icon and tap on “Done” to save your settings.

iphone lock screen phone battery widget

That's it! You have successfully added the battery percentage widget to your iPhone lock screen. Now you can easily check your battery percentage without unlocking your device.


1. How many widgets can you add to the iPhone lock screen?
The space below the Clock widget is limited and can accommodate up to 4 small widgets or 2 large ones. If you try to add more widgets than that, an error will occur.

2. Does it support third-party app widgets?
Currently, widgets from third-party apps are not supported, but this may change in future software updates.

Adding a battery percentage widget to your iPhone lock screen is a useful feature that allows you to monitor your battery level at a glance. While using the beta version of iOS 16, you may encounter some bugs, but overall, it is a valuable addition to the lock screen experience. Hopefully, Apple will extend this feature to include Macs as well in the future.

If you can't wait for iOS 16, there are alternative methods to view the battery percentage on your iPhone. Additionally, you can learn how to receive an alert when your iPhone battery reaches 80% charging.

Remember, keeping track of your battery percentage is essential to ensure your device doesn't unexpectedly run out of power. With the battery percentage widget on your lock screen, you can easily stay informed about your battery level.