How to Create a Watermark Template in Microsoft Word

Are you working on a confidential document in Microsoft Word and want to add a watermark? Adding a custom ‘Confidential’ or ‘Private’ watermark to your document can ensure that other team members handle it with care. In this article, we will show you how to apply a watermark in Microsoft Word and how to create a template for easy access in the future.

Create a Watermark in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word offers a built-in tool to create and add a watermark to your document. You can choose to add either text or a picture as your watermark.

Apply a Text as Watermark in Microsoft Word

Follow these steps to apply a text watermark in Microsoft Word:

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Open the document on which you want to add a watermark or create a new one.
  3. Go to the Design tab in the Word menu bar.
  4. Select Watermark from the sliding menu.
  5. Choose the Text option.
  6. Select a built-in word or add a custom text as your watermark.

You can also customize the font style, size, color, and orientation of the watermark. Additionally, you can adjust the transparency to make it less intrusive.

Add Picture or Logo as Watermark

To add a picture or logo as a watermark in Microsoft Word:

  1. Select Picture from the Watermark menu.
  2. Click on Select Picture and choose an image from your device.
  3. Adjust the scaling and washout options to your preference.

By default, the watermark will be placed in the middle of the page. If you want to change its size or position, follow these steps:

Edit Watermark’s Size and Position

To edit the size and position of the watermark:

  1. Select Insert in the menu bar.
  2. Go to Header > Edit Header.
  3. Right-click on the watermark and select Size and Position.
  4. Make the necessary changes, such as adjusting the height, width, rotation, or scaling.
  5. Drag and drop the watermark to your desired position on the page.

The changes you make to the watermark’s size and position will apply to all pages in the Word document.

How to Remove Watermark

If you no longer need a watermark in your Word document, follow these steps to remove it:

  1. Open the Word document and go to the Design > Watermark menu.
  2. Select the No Watermark option and click Ok.

The watermark will be removed from your Word document.

Save Watermark as Template

If you frequently use a specific watermark in your Word documents, you can save it as a template for easy access:

  1. Make all the relevant changes to your document, including the watermark.
  2. Click on the File option in the menu bar and select Save as Template.
  3. Give the template a relevant name and click Ok.

From now on, whenever you want to use the same watermark, simply open the templates gallery and search for the created template.

In conclusion, adding a watermark to your Microsoft Word document can help protect its confidentiality and personalize it. Whether you choose to add a text or picture watermark, Microsoft Word provides easy-to-use tools for customization. Don’t forget to save your customized watermark as a template for future use.

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