How to Change Notification Sound for Facebook Messenger

Several Facebook Messenger users are facing a frustrating issue – the app keeps changing notification sounds automatically. This can be annoying because, over time, users get accustomed to a specific sound and it helps them differentiate between different messaging app notifications. In this article, we will explore the cause of this problem, how to fix it, and how to change the notification sound in Messenger to the one you prefer.

How to Change Facebook Messenger Notification Sound In-App

Open Messenger on your smartphone and tap on your Profile picture, then go to Notifications & Sounds. From there, you can change the message tone by selecting Notification sound, and the calling tune by selecting Ringtone.

Here’s the catch: Messenger doesn’t offer the option to select custom notification sounds. Instead, it pulls system notification sounds from your device. This means that the available sound files may vary depending on your smartphone manufacturer. Unfortunately, you cannot select a sound file that you downloaded from the web. Messenger is also not very flexible when it comes to group messages – you cannot select a different notification sound for them.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you can’t change the default notification sound either. However, you can disable notifications under the In-app sound option or use the Do Not Disturb feature to disable all Messenger sound notifications, even when the app is not open or your phone is locked.

How to Change Messenger Notification Sound Permanently from Settings

Many users have reported that the Messenger app changes the notification sound automatically on their Android phones, even though they don’t have that particular sound file installed. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Android Settings and go to Notifications & Status Bar > App Notifications > Messenger.
  2. From there, you can customize different notification sounds for different types of Messenger messages, such as Chat and calls, group chat messages, mentions, stories, calls in progress, location sharing, and chat heads.
  3. Tap on each setting and select the Ringtone option to choose your preferred sound. You can play the sound to judge whether or not you like it.
  4. The Android settings will take precedence over Messenger app sound notifications. This means that even if the app changes the notification sound randomly, your selected sound will remain unchanged.

By following these steps, you can change the notification sound for Facebook Messenger and ensure that it stays the way you want it.

If you have found another way to change the notification sound for Messenger, feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

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