How to Change Google Play Wallet in-app Purchases on Android

If you have multiple Google accounts logged in on your phone, you may have encountered a problem when making in-app purchases on Google Play. By default, Google Play doesn't allow you to choose a different account in the payment method section, which can be frustrating if you have money in your Google Play Wallet that you can't use with other accounts. Fortunately, there are a few methods you can try to change your Google Play Wallet in-app purchases on Android.

Option 1. Change Play Store Account

If you have multiple Google accounts on your phone, your Google Play Store will display all of these accounts. When you download an app using a specific account, all the apps associated with that account will be attached to it. So, one method to change your Google Play Wallet ID is by logging in with a different account. To do this, open Google Play Store and tap on the circular profile icon on the top right corner. Choose the account you want to use and download the app again. This method may not work all the time, but it's worth a try as it's the simplest method.

Option 2. Using Google Play Web

If the previous method doesn't work, you can try using Google Play Web. Open the menu and scroll to the app you want to change the Google Play Wallet for. Tap and hold on the app, then tap on App Info. In the new App Info window, tap on the storage option to view the cache size. Tap on Clear data, which will automatically clear the cache as well. Once you've cleared the data and cache, hit back and tap on uninstall to delete the app from your phone. Now, log in to the Chrome browser on your PC with the Google Play Wallet account you want to use with the app. Open Google Play Store on the web and search for the app you wish to install. Tap on install and wait for the app's icon to pop up in your menu. Now, when you try to make an in-app purchase, you'll be able to pay with the Google account you used to install the app on the web.

Option 3. Remove Google Account

If none of the above methods work, you can try removing the Google account that the app is taking as default. Open the main menu on your phone and scroll up to the settings app. Scroll down and open User & Accounts, then tap on Google from the list of accounts associated with your phone. Select any account by tapping on it, and from the top right corner, tap on the two vertical dots menu option and select remove account. If you see a prompt on your phone, make sure to tap on remove the account. Once you have successfully removed the account and paid for the in-app purchase, you can easily add it back again through Settings > Google > Add another account.

In conclusion, if you're facing issues with in-app purchases on Google Play due to multiple Google accounts, you can try the methods mentioned above to change your Google Play Wallet. It's important to note that different methods may work for different situations, so you can try them in the order listed until you find the one that works for you. If you have any queries or other methods to share, feel free to leave a comment below.