How to Bring Edge’s Vertical Tab Feature to Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft Edge’s new vertical tabs feature has caught the attention of many users, including myself. It offers a better utilization of desktop display and a refreshing layout. However, switching to a new browser may not be ideal for everyone. If you’re like me and want to experience the benefits of vertical tabs without switching browsers, here’s how you can get vertical tabs on Chrome and Firefox.

Getting Vertical Tabs in Chrome

There are several extensions available to get vertical tabs in Chrome, such as Sidewise Tree Style Tabs, Tab Tree, and Tab Manager Plus. However, most of them have a cumbersome user interface or confusing layout. After trying several extensions, here are the ones that I recommend for getting vertical tabs in Chrome:

1. Vertical Tabs by Michael

This extension provides the closest experience to Edge’s vertical tabs. The interface is similar, including the minimize button. It also offers settings to adjust the sidebar position, squeeze the webpage, enable dark mode, and more. This extension is easy to use, and switching tabs, closing, or opening new tabs is faster compared to other extensions. However, it does not work on Chrome Web Store, new tab page, history, and settings.


  • Similar appearance to Edge’s vertical tabs
  • Options to enable dark mode, change sidebar position, etc.


  • Doesn’t work on Chrome pages like new tab, settings, history, and Chrome Web Store
  • Extension needs to be enabled after minimizing

Download Vertical Tabs by Michael

2. Vertical Tabs by Samihaddad

While not an exact replica of Edge’s vertical tabs, this extension has a useful feature. It lists all the tabs from all the windows, making it easier to switch between tabs in multiple windows. The vertical space allows for a clear view of all open tabs. The extension also provides options to show only tabs in the current window or use separators to divide them. However, this extension opens as a separate window, requiring you to press Alt+Tab or use split-screen mode to access it alongside the browser.


  • Shows all tabs from all windows
  • Provides some customization options


  • Opens as a separate window, making it harder to access
  • Tabs are compact with no option to resize them

Download Vertical Tabs by Samihaddad

Getting Vertical Tabs in Firefox

Similar to Chrome, Firefox has support for various add-ons that add vertical tabs. However, Firefox add-ons generally have a cleaner UI and better functionality. Here are two well-designed add-ons that I recommend:

1. Tab Center Reborn by Melanie Chauvel

Tab Center Reborn not only shows tabs in a vertical format but also displays thumbnails. This feature helps quickly identify and open the desired tab. The add-on offers settings to customize its features and seamlessly blends with the browser theme.


  • Shows a thumbnail beside each tab for easy identification
  • Blends into the browser design, resembling an in-built option


  • Doesn’t exactly resemble Edge’s vertical tabs

Download Tab Center Reborn by Mélanie Chauvel

2. Tree Style Tab by Piro

While not an exact replica, Tree Style Tab offers enhanced functionality for managing tabs. It allows you to arrange tabs in a hierarchical structure, making it easier to group and collapse tabs with a single click. However, the compact size of the tabs may take some getting used to.


  • Tree-style layout with tabs arranged in a hierarchy


  • Tabs are compact with no resize options

Download Tree Style Tab by Piro

Final Thoughts on Vertical Tabs in Chrome and Firefox

While Chrome extensions replicate Edge’s vertical tabs, Firefox add-ons offer better usability and functionality. Using any of the recommended extensions or add-ons will allow you to enjoy the benefits of vertical tabs without switching browsers.

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