Hertz to install tablets and black box in their cars

Hertz's old NeverLost system
Hertz's old NeverLost system

Hertz is planning to install powerful tablet computers in their cars starting later this year, in a move that will enhance mobile control over rental vehicles and provide instant communication with drivers.

The tablet will work in conjunction with a black box placed inside the vehicles that will enable Hertz to maintain mobile control over your reservation, locking and unlocking your car, enable some form of mobile communication with Hertz, as well as being able to track your whereabouts. Nothing has been said regarding the potential privacy issues yet.

But the Hertz tablet will also have a user interface that is meant to assist drivers navigate any foreign location, by providing the kind of information that Hertz's own studies have proven informative and helpful to drivers.

Hertz have already equipped their cars with a navigation system called NeverLost made by Magellan that dates back to the late 90's, but this new integrated tablet system with a black box will offer a lot more mobility options for customers, and enable communication between your Hertz smartphone app and your rental car.

– Tom Bowen
Photograph © Tom in NYC