Guilded vs Discord: A Comprehensive Comparison

Discord has long been the go-to platform for socializing and communicating with others. However, a new player, Guilded, has recently entered the scene, offering a similar user interface but with additional features and better options in the free version. With both platforms looking and functioning similarly, it begs the question: which one is better? In this comparison guide, we'll break down the key aspects of Guilded and Discord to help you make an informed decision.

Server Customization

Both Guilded and Discord place a strong emphasis on servers, which serve as the foundation for your community. In terms of customization, Discord offers basic options such as server name, icon, and 50 emoji slots in the free version. However, by boosting your server with a Nitro plan, you can unlock additional features like animated icons, custom stickers, and more emoji slots.

On the other hand, Guilded surpasses Discord in terms of server customization even in the free version. It offers a server icon, server name, server banner, custom URL, an about section, and unlimited emojis. This makes Guilded the clear winner in terms of server customization.

Profile Customization

Apart from server customization, both Guilded and Discord allow you to personalize your own profile. Discord offers features such as an avatar, about me section, and the option to connect third-party accounts like Spotify, Twitch, GitHub, and more. By subscribing to Nitro Classic or regular Nitro, you can further enhance your profile with animated avatars and profile banners.

Guilded, on the other hand, provides a profile picture, profile banner, about me section, custom URL, and the option to connect various gaming-related accounts such as Twitch, Steam, Xbox, and more. Additionally, Guilded allows you to post a status containing quotes, polls, forums, images, and links to other accounts not supported by Guilded by default. In terms of profile customization, Guilded offers more options, especially for gaming-focused communities.

Channel Types

Channels play a crucial role in both Guilded and Discord servers. Discord allows up to 500 channels per server, categorized into text, voice, announcement, and stage channels. Guilded, on the other hand, offers unlimited channels classified into ten distinct types. These include text channels, voice channels, streaming channels, calendar channels, announcements channels, forums channels, lists channels, documents channels, and media channels.

With its unlimited channels and a wider variety of channel types, Guilded outshines Discord in terms of channel flexibility and organization.

Messaging and Calls

When it comes to messaging and calls, Guilded and Discord differ in several aspects. In Discord's text channels, the maximum file size for sharing is 8MB, which can be increased with Nitro plans. In comparison, Guilded allows larger file sizes of up to 25MB for images and 200MB for videos in the free version.

Additionally, Guilded offers a unique advantage by allowing text messaging directly in voice channels, eliminating the need for a separate text channel. This feature proves useful for sending links, images, and other content while in a voice call. In terms of messaging and calls, Guilded takes the lead.

In-Built Streaming Option

One notable feature that Discord lacks is an in-built streaming option. Guilded fills this gap by providing a streaming feature within its platform. While Guilded's streaming option does not integrate with Twitch or OBS, it offers a range of features such as chat options, different layouts, and the ability to partner with others for collaborative streaming. Guilded's streaming capabilities make it a preferred choice for content creators and streamers.

Server Groups

As servers grow larger, organizing channels becomes crucial. Both Discord and Guilded offer channel categorization options, but Guilded goes a step further with server groups. Server groups act as sub-servers within a main server, allowing for further categorization and organization. These sub-servers can be restricted to specific roles or open for anyone to join. Guilded's server groups provide enhanced organization and ease of management, making it a valuable feature for server admins.


Discord holds an advantage over Guilded when it comes to bots. With its longer existence, Discord boasts thousands of available bots, and there are dedicated bot stores like for easy bot discovery and addition to servers. While Guilded currently offers only four bots related to services like Twitch and Patreon, it allows users to create their own bots with ease. Guilded's bot creation feature enables automation through triggers and actions, providing a customizable bot experience.

Server Discoverability

In terms of server discoverability, Discord surpasses Guilded. Discord offers an “Explore” option, allowing users to discover popular servers in various categories such as gaming, music, science, and more. Additionally, third-party sites like provide extensive server listings. As a newer platform, Guilded lacks the same level of third-party support and server discoverability as Discord.

Platform Availability

Both Guilded and Discord are available on multiple operating systems, including Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS. However, Discord gains an edge by offering a web client in addition to its desktop and mobile apps. Additionally, Discord's mobile apps are more robust and feature-rich compared to Guilded's current offerings.

Pricing and Plans

Discord offers two paid plans: Nitro Classic and regular Nitro. These plans provide additional benefits such as custom emojis, URL customization, increased file size limits, and more. Nitro Classic is priced at $5/month, while regular Nitro costs $10/month.

In contrast, Guilded offers most of these features, and even more, completely free of charge. Guilded provides server owners with the option to restrict certain features for a paid plan, allowing them to monetize their servers while providing ample free features. Guilded's pricing model, combined with its generous free offerings, makes it an attractive option for community owners.


When comparing the features and offerings of Guilded and Discord, Guilded emerges as the winner. Guilded provides more customization options, a wider variety of channel types, larger file size limits, in-built streaming capabilities, server groups, and an attractive pricing model. However, Discord still holds certain advantages in terms of server availability, bot ecosystem, and platform support.

Ultimately, the choice between Guilded and Discord boils down to personal preferences and specific needs. Both platforms offer unique features and cater to different types of communities. Whether you prioritize customization, community organization, or bot availability, you can't go wrong with either Guilded or Discord.

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