Google Pixel Tablet 2: Expected Price, Launch Date, Features, and More Rumors

Google Pixel 2 Leaks

There’s no confirmed news yet, but there’s talk of a new Pixel Tablet coming out this year. We’ve collected some insider information and our own exciting thoughts about the anticipated Pixel Tablet 2.

What’s the Release Date for the Google Pixel Tablet 2?

Hints of a new Google Pixel Tablet emerged from 9to5Google’s discovery of codenames Clementine and Kiyomi. These codenames are similar to the ones used for the first Pixel Tablet, hinting at the possibility of a new version in the works.

Google revealed its first tablet at Google I/O 2022, making it likely we could learn more about a Pixel Tablet 2 at an upcoming Google I/O event. However, considering the original Pixel Tablet was released a year after its announcement, in June 2023, we might not see the next version until 2025.

Still, there’s optimism that Google might update this product every year.

The Expected Price Range for the Upcoming Google Pixel Tablet 2

We believe the price won’t change this year. Here’s a guess at the cost of the Pixel Tablet 2, looking at last year’s prices:

  • Pixel Tablet 2 (128 GB) – $499
  • Pixel Tablet 2 (256 GB) – $599

The Charging Speaker Dock should come with it, just as it did with the first Pixel Tablet.

If there are big updates, such as more storage or a larger screen, the price could go up. We’ll likely learn more about these changes as the launch date gets closer. Keep an eye out.

The Latest on Google Pixel Tablet 2: Features and Innovations

Details about the Pixel Tablet 2 are unclear because there hasn’t been any official news. However, if our hopes are fulfilled, there’s a lot to look forward to.

Some great features that could enhance the next Pixel Tablet include:

  • Apps designed for tablets: A tablet’s large screen should be taken full advantage of. If not, why have a tablet at all? There should be more apps made specifically for tablet use. Plus, this would benefit people who bought the first version too.
  • Output display: It’s possible that Google’s tablet can show its screen on a different device like a TV or computer monitor using its USB-C port. This is because a new Android 14 Beta version supports a feature for video sharing through the USB-C, suggesting the tablet could do the same.
  • Desktop mode: This feature works like the one mentioned earlier. If you’ve used Samsung DeX, you understand its benefits. Google has a desktop mode, but it doesn’t offer as much as Samsung’s does. The Pixel Tablet 2 could be a great chance for Google to improve this function.

It’s expected that the Pixel Tablet 2 will have the same functions as its predecessor. This includes the ability to use Chromecast to stream music and films on the tablet when linked, drag-and-drop functionality, and the capacity to manage smart home gadgets.

What do I think?

I think the new Pixel Tablet 2 will be exciting. They say it might come out next year. I heard it could cost about the same as the last one, which is good for my wallet. It should come with a dock for charging, just like before. If it gets bigger or has more storage, it might cost more.

I’m really hoping for some cool updates. I want apps that are made just for the tablet’s big screen. Also, it would be great if it could connect to my TV or computer.

And a better desktop mode would be awesome, kind of like what Samsung has. I’m looking forward to using it for movies and controlling my smart home, just like the old one.