Google to Revamp Pixel Tablet: Lower Price, No Dock, Plus Official Stylus and Keyboard

Google Re-Release Pixel Tablet With New Stylus And Keyboard

Google may update its Pixel Tablet instead of launching a new version at Google I/O 2024 on May 14.

Dealabs and tipster @billbil_kun suggest that Google will not release the Google Pixel Tablet 2. The 128GB model will cost €609, about £520 / $650 / AU$1000. This price is €70 less than the current model.

In the US and Australia, the price will still be lower at $499 / AU$ 899, but it's not an exact conversion. A 256GB model might also be sold for €729, which is €50 cheaper than before.

These accessories will come in Hazel and Porcelain, the same colors as the Pixel Tablet.

If this is true, an official stylus and keyboard could offer better compatibility and possibly unique features. Currently, only third-party keyboards and digital pens are available for the Pixel Tablet. This could make the Pixel Tablet more appealing for those interested in productivity, taking notes, and drawing.

Some rumors say the new Pixel Tablet might have the newer Tensor G3 chip. This chip is in the Pixel 8 series and might be in the Pixel 8a too. The current Pixel Tablet uses the older G2 chip.

Still, the updated Pixel Tablet will probably keep the same design and hardware, which is why it might cost less. If it does get the new chip, it could work faster and have better battery life.

However, it is unlikely that Google will use the new Tensor G4 chip in anything before the Pixel 9 series or a possible Pixel Tablet 2.

Enhanced Accessories for Improved Functionality

Google may release official accessories like a stylus pen and Bluetooth keyboard for the Pixel Tablet. This could greatly improve how the tablet is used.

Each accessory could cost about €100. They are made to help users write, draw, and move around more accurately.

These items come in Hazel and Porcelain colors. They are meant to go well with the tablet and work better than products from other companies.

This plan might attract professionals and creative people who need dependable tools for their work.

Strategic Pricing and Market Positioning

Google is removing the speaker-charging dock and reducing the price to make the Pixel Tablet more competitive in the busy tablet market.

The updated price places the 128GB model at a more affordable $650. The device is likely to be less expensive in the US and Australia as well.

This change lowers the cost of the Pixel Tablet, making it more comparable to other tablets. This could attract more buyers who thought the original price was too high.

Potential Hardware Updates and Performance Enhancements

The main aim appears to be keeping the existing design and hardware of the tablet. However, there are talks that the updated Pixel Tablet might have the latest Tensor G3 chip.

This change would likely boost the tablet's performance, allowing it to work faster and manage harder tasks.

This type of upgrade fits with Google's approach to bettering the user experience and the value of the product without a full redesign. It offers a good update mid-way through its lifecycle, helping it stay appealing and competitive.