How To Get Free Tablet With EBT In 2024?

Free Tablet With EBT

Are you an EBT/food stamps recipient looking to get online? You could qualify for an amazing freebie – a tablet with free internet! No more being disconnected from jobs, education, and essential services. Our guide reveals how those receiving EBT can easily claim a free tablet and data plan through a government program. 

T-Mobile Free Tablet With EBT Via Affordable Connectivity Program: Brief Overview 

T-Mobile is making getting online more affordable through the government's Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The major carrier is participating by offering EBT/food stamp recipients up to $30 off prepaid Metro and Assurance Wireless plans each month. 

Even better, those who qualify can get a free tablet or smartphone to go with their discounted data plan. It's an incredible opportunity to access essential internet for little to no cost.

Eligibility Criteria to Get Free Tablet With EBT

Here are the key eligibility criteria for getting a free tablet with your EBT/food stamps benefits:

  • Be an active SNAP (food stamps) participant with a valid EBT card. Proof of current SNAP enrollment is required.
  • Meet income limits – your total household income must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines based on your household size.
  • Participate in other government assistance programs. You may also qualify if anyone in your household receives benefits like Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Head Start, or LIHEAP energy assistance.
  • Satisfy provider-specific requirements. Certain tablet providers like Q Link Wireless or T-Mobile's Project 10 Million have additional criteria like residing in an eligible state or meeting age/disability qualifications.

The main factors are your SNAP/EBT participation, low household income, involvement in federal assistance programs, and any supplementary requirements set by the company offering the free tablets.

Documents Required:

To apply for a free tablet through your EBT/food stamps benefits, you'll typically need to provide the following documents:

  • Proof of identity like a driver's license, state ID card, or passport to confirm who you are.
  • Proof of residential address such as a recent utility bill, rental agreement, or official mail.
  • Proof of income which could include pay stubs, tax returns, or an employer's letter stating your household's total income.
  • A copy of your EBT card as evidence that you are an active SNAP/food stamps recipient.
  • You will also need to supply documentation proving participation in other qualifying government assistance programs if applicable.

Gather all the requested paperwork before starting your application.

How to Apply for a Free Tablet with EBT 

While EBT cards themselves don't directly qualify you for a completely free tablet, there are ways to significantly reduce the cost through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). 

Here's how to apply for free tablet from government with your EBT benefits:

  • Check Eligibility: The ACP has income requirements. You can qualify through EBT participation, income below 135% of the federal poverty line, or participation in other government assistance programs. Verify your eligibility on the ACP website
  • Choose a Provider: Not all wireless carriers participate in ACP. Look for providers in your area who accept ACP benefits. Metro by T-Mobile (partnered with T-Mobile) is a good option to explore since they offer ACP discounts. You can use the Companies Near Me Tool or download the list of participating internet service providers here
  • Apply for ACP: Contact your chosen provider or visit their website to enroll in their ACP plan. You'll likely need to provide proof of EBT participation or income documentation.
  • Explore Discounted Device Bundles: Once enrolled in ACP, enquire about bundled plans that include a tablet. The ACP discount on your internet service can significantly reduce the overall cost of a bundled plan with a tablet.
  • Finalize the Application: Finalize your application for the chosen ACP plan with the bundled tablet option. You may need to pay a down payment or have a service activation fee, but the ACP discount should make it much more affordable.

Available Tablet Models 

When it comes to the available tablet models you can get for free with your EBT card, there are several options across different brands and providers. Many offer popular devices like iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Some of the latest models available for free under this program include the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G, Apple iPad 9th Generation, and various iPhone models. You may also be able to get slightly older but still capable tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 or iPad Air.

The exact device availability can vary based on the specific EBT tablet program and provider you go through. 

Restrictions for T-Mobile Free Tablets With ACP Program 

Before applying for a free tablet from T-Mobile through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), there are some important restrictions to be aware of:

  • Annual recertification is required to prove you still qualify for the ACP benefits each year.
  • Only one ACP discount is allowed per household – you can't get discounts for both mobile and home internet services.
  • The free tablet and discount must be used at your primary residential address only.
  • The free tablet and service benefits are non-transferable and cannot be given to someone else.
  • You must use the free tablet and service at least once per month to maintain active eligibility.