The First Surface Go 4 Benchmark Scores (UPDATED) – Bonus With Funny Look At The Packaging For This Tablet

Microsoft's latest edition of the 10.5-inch Windows 11 tablet Surface Go 4 was received early by the first customers yesterday on September 27, which has given us the first Surface Go 4 benchmarks, together with a few other pieces of information. Surface Go 4 is launching in the US this week from $579.

In Geekbench 6, the Surface Go 4 which of course runs the quad-core Intel N200 processor, has so far been benchmarked twice with the benchmark performance coming in at 876 and 732 in single-core, together with 2584 and 2091 in multi-core.

We can see by the benchmark details that Microsoft lets this 3.7 GHz processor run up to 3.69 GHz. It should be noted that in the first two benchmark tests, the Surface Go 4 ran on a balanced power plan.

Surface Go 4 Benchmarks
Surface Go 4 benchmark scores

So it should be possible to squeeze some more juice out of this chipset and motherboard, since the few other Windows PCs that have also launched with the Intel N200 processor so far have been able to get a single-core performance that is 30% higher.

Even if the Surface Go 4 doesn't have a cooling fan.

(UPDATED: See the newest updated benchmark scores below, that reflects a much higher performance in line with expectations)

Microsoft Surface Go 4 Benchmarks
Microsoft Surface Go 4 benchmarks update

Olivier Debonne has also posted additional details for the N200 processor setup using a profiling app, where we see an x11 multiplier, the bus speed, and the CPU-Z benchmark performance too, clocking in at 314 in single thread, and 1204 in multi thread.

We're also treated to unboxing photos of the Surface Go 4, which may even surprise quite a lot of people, considering how meticulous PC, smartphone, and tablet brands are with the design of their packaging these days.

Comedians Gus and Sven Johnson even made a comedy sketch out of the phenomenon of attachments to well made tech boxes.

– Tom Bowen