First Good Tablet Sales Weekend Of August On Bestselling Tablets

The first sales campaign on tablets for the end of summer and start of the autumn has just started for this weekend, where a few of the bestselling tablet computers have significant discounts.

The first one is the Android 11 updated Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite which is on sale for $269. This tablet is the best mid-range tablet you can get for both productivity and casual use right now, hence the extremely high rating. It also comes with the S Pen digitizer included in the price.

The slightly more entertainment geared Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 with quad speakers is also on sale, for just $179. And it can still be bought with a keyboard if you want, which makes the tablet a versatile computer device.

Apple iPad mini is on a very rare sale too, now costing $349 this weekend.

But that's not all. Even the large new iPad Pro 12.9 is $100 off this August weekend.

The 11-inch iPad Pro 11 is also on sale, but with a smaller $50 discount.

But perhaps the one tablet sale that stands out the most is the $100 shaved off the price of the iPad Air, a tablet that's still incredibly powerful and quick, with both official and third party accessories that can turn it into a very useful little laptop if there's the desire for that.

– Tom Bowen