Eye Tracking Windows 8 Tablets Showcased at CES

Now that Eye Tribe has started to ship their eye tracking hardware for $99, it has been showcased at CES 2014 as well.

Called the Eye Tribe Tracker, this device is a square 20cm wide USB 3.0 connected piece of hardware that enables the active use of the eyes to control gestures and actions on a Windows tablet or computer.

So for instance, instead of pinching or swiping the screen with your fingers, you can use eye movements to do the same thing, leaving your hands available for other tasks. The most obvious benefit is in gaming where it can increase the reaction time, but the use of the technology can be applied to anything that would otherwise require the use of a mouse, or swipe and touch on a touch screen.

Eye Tribe Tracker mounted on Windows 8 tablet
Eye Tribe Tracker mounted on Windows 8 tablet

The Eye Tribe Tracker is available worldwide, but so far only through the Eye Tribe website:

– Tom Bowen