Eye Contact Feature Avilable For Surface Pro X Owners – Makes Gazing Into The Screen Look Like You Are Making Eye Contact

Microsoft have announced the Eye Contact feature for the Surface Pro X, which is a feature that makes looking into the screen during video calls look like you are looking into a camera on the middle of the screen instead, thereby giving the impression that you are actually looking into the eyes of the person you are talking to at the other end.

So far, Eye Contact is only launched for the 13-inch Windows 2-in-1 tablet Surface Pro X, though Microsoft mentioned that this feature may find its way in to other Surface products later, should people warm to it.

The Surface Pro X has a 10MP rear camera with 4K video, and two front cameras. One of these front cameras is a Windows Hello facial recognition camera, but the other camera is a normal 5MP camera with Full HD 1080p video that's located in the top bezel. So when Eye Contact users are using this camera, they can look right at the person on the screen instead of looking into the camera.

Of course, there is no under-screen camera on the Surface Pro X, so the effect is created through image manipulation. The question is if people will want manipulated video calls with people they are friends with?

The Eye Contact feature will work with Skype, Microsoft Teams, and supposedly other video calling apps too according to Sam Morton at Microsoft.

– Tom Bowen