Evernote vs Bear: Which Note-Taking App Reigns Supreme on iPhone

The default Apple Notes app on the iPhone is basic at best. While it may serve beginners adequately for basic note-taking, power users often find themselves craving more functionality. Luckily, the App Store is filled with a plethora of note-taking apps to enhance your productivity. Two standout options are Bear and Evernote. Feeling torn between the two? Read on to discover the key differences between Evernote and Bear and choose the perfect note-taking app for your needs.

Cross-Platform Availability

If you’re in search of a cross-platform solution, Evernote is the clear winner. It’s available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and web. On the other hand, Bear is exclusive to Apple, meaning it can only be accessed on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. While Bear is working on a web version, there are currently no plans to bring it to Android or Windows.

User Interface

Bear Notes has made a name for itself by offering a beautiful and intuitive UI on the iPhone. However, Evernote recently underwent a massive redesign on all platforms with v10.0. The new Evernote is quick, feels native, and is as responsive as Bear Notes. While Bear Notes wins in terms of theming options, with its dedicated theme store, Evernote offers a compelling UI as well.

Notes Organization

Efficient note organization is crucial for a note-taking app. Both Evernote and Bear Notes rely on tags and notebooks for organizing notes. However, Bear takes it a step further by allowing you to add icons to tags, making them easily recognizable and adding a thoughtful touch.

Note Editor

Evernote boasts the most feature-rich note editor available. With options to change font style, size, color, and even play with dozens of other editing options, Evernote provides a comprehensive editing experience. Bear Notes gets the job done as well but falls short in terms of options. For example, it lacks table support and the ability to change font styles directly within the app.


Evernote takes the lead in terms of features. With its years of experience in the note-taking space, Evernote offers a robust set of features, including Evernote scan, image search, and an excellent browser extension. Evernote Home, a centralized hub for frequently used notes, pinned notes, web captures, and more, further showcases the app’s capabilities. Bear Notes, on the other hand, offers features like password protection and iOS 14 widgets, which cater specifically to iPhone users.

Export Options

When it comes to export options, Bear Notes has the upper hand. It offers a variety of formats, including TXT, Markdown, Text Bundle, PDF, HTML, JPG, and ePub. On the other hand, Evernote limits sharing options to Evernote links and email, lacking direct ways to share PDFs or TXT files with others.


Evernote offers a free version for testing purposes, but most advanced features, such as Evernote Home and increased upload limits, require a premium subscription priced at $70 per year. Bear, on the other hand, is a paid app with a subscription starting at $1.5 per month, making it a more affordable option.

Wrapping Up: Evernote vs Bear

In conclusion, if you prioritize a sleek UI, markdown support, and rich export options, Bear Notes is the way to go. It also happens to be more budget-friendly. However, Evernote excels with its cross-platform availability, extensive feature set, and powerful web extension. Keep in mind that the equation might change once Bear introduces a web version. Nonetheless, Evernote, under new leadership, is committed to taking user feedback seriously and delivering new features at a faster pace.

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