End Of June Tablet Deals

The end of June has now become an interesting time of the year for table computer sales. We are right after the Amazon Prime Days, but also ahead of the 4th of July sales (HP.com ha started already) and the back-to-school campaigns. The result is that the next few weeks may be the cheapest time of the year to buy a tablet computer, since tablet prices will go up again before school starts.

So here are the first good tablet deals now at the end of June, on tablets that I consider worth having. I've sorted the tablet deals by price this time.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 $169 as a stand alone tablet, or $259 with the official Samsung keyboard included, for a cheap Android tablet with keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite $279 on sale, with S Pen stylus included in the box.

Apple iPad 10.2 $299 during sale.

Apple iPad Air $539 while on sale.

Apple iPad Pro 11 $699 in a limited time sale for the new M1 model.

– Jim Miller