End Of August Tablet Deals – Includes 2-In-1 Flagship Tablets With Free Keyboard

If you still haven't secured yourself a new tablet with keyboard before school or going back to work, then here's the end of August tablet deals you may want to check out.

August is the last summer month before the autumn begins in September.

For monthly updates, see the tablet deals page.

There are two 2-in-1 tablet deals in particular worth looking into if you want a high quality tablet with a keyboard, that are both on sale.

The first one is the tablet + free keyboard bundle for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+, which saves buyers $150.

The other tablet bundle with a free keyboard and pen at the end of August, is for the highly rated 11.6-inch OnePlus Pad, which also saves buyers $150.

Another deal on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 and S9+ is to get twice the storage for free when you buy today.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 2022
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

We are also seeing something close to a record low price on the upgraded 2nd version of the 10.4-inch Android 13 tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4 on sale for $244. Not bad at all for such a highly rated tablet with included digitizer pen.

None of the Fire tablets are on sale right now, so we have to pay full price for those. But some of Apple's iPads are on sale if you look hard enough. But with every iPad being in high demand this time of the year, don't expect more than a small discount on models like the iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad Air. The only exception is the iPad 9 with 15% off.

iPad Pro
iPad Pro 11

A newcomer is Xiaomi who has just started selling the Xiaomi Pad 6 in the US, a tablet that's packed with good specs, with a 10% discount for the 8GB RAM model, which gives it a price of $354.

As for small Android tablets, the 8.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is on sale for $118, while the 9-inch Lenovo Tab M9 i on sale for $139 with a free folio case included.

The Asus Chromebook CM3 with keyboard and pen is on sale for $335.

From Microsoft Store there's also a couple of specialized tablet deals on Windows tablets and Surface tablets or Surface laptops.

End of August tablet deals
– Tom Bowen