Editing PDF Content in Word: A How-To Guide for Seamless Conversion

PDF has become quite ubiquitous in today's digital world due to its high security and safety level. This format also takes precedence when it comes to the accuracy of content representation since files look the exact same, no matter where you view them or what page layout is set.

To say more, the portable document format is the way to go for seamless content sharing as everyone can open these files using a regular web browser or built-in OS software. But yet, PDFs are difficult to edit, and switching to Word proves to be a lifesaving solution to handle file modifications.

This guide covers several easy ways to convert PDF to Word; we are going to describe them in detail and decide which one is the best for crafting editable files. 

Master PDF to Word Conversion for Easy File Editing

Changing PDF to Word document is much easier than it seems, especially since you can handle the task without cumbersome software installations. Check out these quick and easy conversion methods for creating editable Word files using different devices:

Convert PDF to Word online

If you are eager to change file formats with incredible accuracy, you will cope with this task easily using a dedicated PDF to Word converter.

Online tools do their job perfectly well while maintaining the quality and integrity of the original document, which allows you to get a visually pleasing, editable doc or docx file without the need to install bulky software. 

Top-notch converters also incorporate a number of additional features, so you can merge, split, annotate, or edit your PDFs before turning them into another format.

Such tools are used and widely recognized by individuals and businesses worldwide due to their effectiveness, reliability, and accessibility. What’s more, the conversion is fully automatic and instant. So how to convert PDF to Word online?

  1. Find a trustful PDF to Word online converter and register at the website.
  2. Locate the upload box and drop your PDF file there.
  3. The conversion will usually start immediately, just wait until it’s done and then save the Word file on your device.

Convert PDF files using Microsoft Word

We are all familiar with Microsoft Word, and in addition to its primary purpose of managing .docx files, the later versions of the app also come with built-in support for viewing and editing PDFs. But keep in mind that the converted file may not look like the exact copy of its original version.

The point is that Word may either do a good job importing PDFs or mess them up when detecting some unconventional fonts or page layouts. So if you notice oddly spaced paragraphs, oversized headers, or similar issues after PDF to Word conversion, just opt for other methods featured in this guide. 

  1. Find a PDF file you are willing to convert.
  2. Right-click on the doc (or press the Control button if you are a Mac user) and choose the ‘Open with' option.
  3. Locate Word in the drop-down menu or tap ‘Choose another app' and then select Word if it’s not on the list.
  4. A warning will pop up, notifying you that the converted file may not look exactly like the original – tap OK, and your document will open in Word.

Change PDF to Word using Preview

This option for converting PDF to Word will come in handy for Mac users since Preview is already built-in on their devices. Please note that the app is currently available only for macOS. You may find a number of similar applications for iPads and iPhones, but these are not Apple products, so be cautious. 

The conversion process via Preview is generally quick and effortless but it may not work out if a PDF file holds a complex page layout or rich formatting. Anyway, you never know unless you try, so the steps to change PDF to editable Word using the Mac Preview are as follows: 

  1. Control-click your PDF file and pick ‘Open with' -> Preview.
  2. Select the text you are willing to edit and press Cmd+C to copy it.
  3. Go to Microsoft Word, create a new .docx file, and paste the copied content using Cmd+V.
  4. Save the file in the Word format and do the necessary formatting.

Final Thoughts

In today’s digital landscape, the ability to seamlessly edit files is a valuable skill. And even though PDFs are intended to be read-only, you can still modify the content by switching to Word format.

Among all the methods outlined in this guide, online converters prove to be the best option in terms of precise, quick, and hassle-free conversion.

These tools also allow you to turn your Word file back into PDF for further printing or sharing. After all, incorporating the power of both formats is the best strategy to achieve superior file quality.