Download Windows 8 Evaluation For Free

If you have a pre-October 2012 computer with Windows but no Windows 8/updated 8.1 but would still like to try it, then you can now download Windows 8 for free for a trial that lasts for 90 days to a year depending on how you set it up.

You’ll see how many days remain of your trial in the upper right corner of the installation. If you want to try it for up to a year, then you can reinstall it every 90 days.

However, keep in mind that after the trial has run out you will need to reinstall your old OS anew. If you don’t remove the trial version, then the evaluation version of Windows 8.1 Enterprise will shut down your computer every hour (which would almost give you an authentic Windows 95 experince).

The trial is of Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise, both 32-bit and 64-bit, and can be downloaded from Microsoft here.

Windows 8.1 Enterprise
Windows 8.1 Enterprise

– Tom Bowen

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