Discover New Music with YouTube Music Samples

YouTube Music has introduced a new feature called Samples that adds a TikTok-style feed to the app. At first, it may seem like just another TikTok feed, but upon closer inspection, it offers unique benefits and helps users discover new music. In this article, we will explore what Samples on YouTube Music is and how to make the most out of this feature to expand your music library.

What is Samples on YouTube Music?

While most music streaming services recommend songs based on user preferences, they usually only display the song name and album art on the home screen. However, album art alone doesn't always capture the essence of a song. This is where YouTube Music Samples comes in. It presents users with 30-second highlights of songs in a TikTok-style feed.

As you scroll through these highlights, you can actually listen to the vibe of the songs and easily discover new music that you may end up enjoying on repeat.

How to Use Samples on YouTube Music

Using Samples is incredibly simple. All the necessary features are conveniently accessible at your fingertips. Just open YouTube Music and tap on the Samples option in the bottom bar to quickly access it. You will immediately see vertical video clips of recommended music.

To navigate through the sample videos, swipe up for the next sample and swipe down for the previous one. This allows you to find the music that resonates with your taste.

If you want to listen to the full song, tap on the play icon at the bottom right corner. This will start playing the complete song on the YouTube Music player. Keep in mind that it will create a radio playlist based on the selected song, providing you with multiple similar songs.

To add the full version of the song to your liked playlist, tap on the like icon. Alternatively, you can tap on the add icon to add the full song to one of your existing playlists or create a new playlist.

Tapping on the name and album art at the bottom will either open the artist page or the album of that song. You can also share the sample with your friends using the share icon and selecting the desired app.

Moreover, selecting the shorts icon will redirect you to the YouTube app, where you can explore all the shorts that feature that particular music. You can even tap on the “Use this sound” button to create your own short with that sample sound.

By tapping on the meatballs icon beside the song name, you can access the normal song menu, which allows you to start a radio, add to the queue, save to the library, or download the song. These options are the same as the ones you get when tapping on the three-dot menu beside any song on the YouTube Music homepage.


  1. Samples tab is not available on YouTube Music?
    If you don't see the Samples tab on YouTube Music, make sure to update the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. If the tab still doesn't appear, it means you haven't received the feature yet. The rollout of Samples is being done in phases, so it's just a matter of time.

  2. Can you play Samples in the background on YouTube Music?
    Unfortunately, Samples cannot play in the background, even for premium subscribers. When you close the app or switch to another tab, Samples will stop playing immediately.

  3. What's the length of the Samples on YouTube Music?
    Legally, apps can provide 30 seconds or 10% of a song as a sample, whichever is lower. Therefore, Samples are limited to 30 seconds or less.

  4. Do you need YouTube Music Premium to use Samples?
    No, Samples are available for both free and paid users, and there are no ads associated with this feature. So whether you are a free user or a premium user, your experience with Samples remains consistent.

Sample It

Currently, YouTube Music Samples is only available on the YouTube Music Android and iPhone apps. There is no support for a web app yet, and there is no option to disable the feature. In addition to Samples, YouTube Music offers many other features, tips, and tricks. You can also explore third-party apps that provide functionalities like automatically uploading songs to YouTube Music. Check them out now and enhance your music streaming experience.