Digital Day Sale On 5000+ Apps, Video Games, Software, Books, Music, And Movies

Amazon announced their second year of the so-called Digital Day 2 weeks ago, without saying too much about what 5000+ items would be on sale. But today December 29 is Amazon's Digital Day, so now we can have a look at the thousands of digital downloads that are on sale today:

The layout of the Digital Day page is a little messy or just takes some getting used to, so it may take a few minutes to navigate through. But sure enough as we scroll down the individual pages we find thousands of apps, games, in-game items, books, magazines, subscriptions, music, movies, and some services on sale.

Sales on apps and games range from sales on the usual more or less useless apps found in all app stores today, but fortunately also range up to a lot of large and involving video games that are cut by up to 75%, like Company Of Heroes 2 or Quantum Break, both cut from $40 to $10.

And while the Digital Day is only for December 29, it is possible to buy Amazon Coins at a 35% discount today too if you plan on buying more content from Amazon's app store in the future. Amazon Coins can only be used for digital content though, and not on other products.

Digital Day
– Jim Miller