Digital Caligraphy Courses Taught On ViewSonic Tablets With Tamkang University

Tamkang university in Taiwan says it has partnered with ViewSonic for the promotion of digital calligraphy, which will be taught on a ViewSonic tablet.

The tablet is the ViewSonic ID1330, a 13.3-inch drawing tablet that can be connected to other computers, be it Windows, Mac, or Android.

Some of the reasons this tablet was chosen includes as much as 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, inclination angles of ±60, as well as a more paper-like texture on the display, as opposed to the typical glossy touch and feel of a regular tablet display.

Caligraphy on tablet

That said, as we have written about before, it is possible to add screen film that adds a paper texture to any tablet too, and it only costs a couple of bucks.

The university has developed the software for the digital pen which facilitates the learning of digital calligraphy, based on the decade long efforts of calligraphy master Ben-Hang Chang.

– Tom Bowen