‘Designed For Samsung’ Tempered Glass Protectors Launched For Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 By Araree

With the release of the flagship tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 it's very understandable that people want to protect their top of the line tablets too.

So now the first ‘Designed for Samsung' display protection for the Tab S7 tablets have been launched by Araree, starting in South Korea.

Accessory manufacturers that have earned the right to label their products ‘Designed for Samsung' have been approved by Samsung because their various accessories has a standard that even Samsung can approve of. In some cases these third party accessories are even sold from Samsung themselves, which is the case with the Araree accessories.

The screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 tablets from Araree are made of tempered glass and promises to be perhaps the best screen protector for these tablets, leading on precision, a smooth touch experience, antibacterial coating, and very high durability.

They have just launched in South Korea though, so they will probably not become available in the US before the middle of October at the earliest.

– Tom Bowen