Dell Venue 8 2014 Edition Powered By Intel Merrifield Z3840

Dell launched their Dell Venue tablet line in October last year, which included an 8-inch budget tablet by the name of Dell Venue 8.

(UPDATED: The new Dell Venue 8 was unveiled June 2, 2014.)

Now a benchmark test have listed a Dell Venue 8 with a new processor. Out goes the old Intel Atom Z2580 processor, and in comes the new 2.13GHz Intel Atom “Merrifield” Z3840 processor. Still dual core, but faster and should be supported by faster RAM as well.

The existing Dell Venue 8 is an Android 4.4 tablet in the budget category, that was launched with a price of only $179, though it has been cut by $10 since then. And with the new processor, it looks like it the 2014 edition of Dell Venue 8 will remain in this budget category.

Dell Venue 8
First edition of Dell Venue 8

– Tom Bowen