Debating The iPad Pro 2024’s Ultra-Slim Bezels

Recently, news surfaced about the possibility of the iPhone 16 series having very thin borders. Now, a leak suggests that the iPad Pro 2024 might also come with slimmer borders compared to its previous version. According to a leaker named Instant Digital on Weibo, the 11-inch iPad Pro 2024 could feature 7.12mm bezels, while the 12.9-inch model might have 7.08mm bezels, not counting the metal edges.

Thin Doesn't Equal Improvement

MacRumors suggests that these new Pros could have bezels around 10-15% thinner than older iPad Pro models released from 2018 to 2022, with the latest being the iPad Pro 2022. We should be cautious about this claim, but since the source has previously leaked accurate Apple information, there might be some truth to it.

Some people wonder if having smaller bezels on an iPad is beneficial because it's helpful to have a touch-free area around the screen when holding such a large device. However, this reduction in bezels will surely give the iPad Pro 2024 a more contemporary and premium appearance.

While smaller bezels are not the main upgrade, there are more exciting rumors for the iPad Pro 2024. One major change could be the switch to an OLED display, enhancing the viewing experience. Previous leaks also suggest the tablet may feature a potent M3 chipset, a front-facing camera oriented for landscape mode, and potentially support wireless charging with MagSafe. This generation might bring significant changes and upgrades, which many feel are long overdue.

iPad Pro 2024 Leaks

Other Improvements: Looking Past the Bezels

However, the most anticipated upgrade for the iPad Pro 2024 is the shift to an OLED display, promising better viewing quality. Additionally, leaks suggest upgrades like a powerful M3 chipset, a front-facing camera designed for landscape orientation, and potential support for MagSafe wireless charging. These anticipated changes feel overdue and could bring significant enhancements to the device.

We might not have to wait too long for these new Apple tablets. Leaks hint that the iPad Pro 2024 might arrive this month or at least in the first half of the year, likely alongside the iPad Air 6.

What do we think?

I think the iPad Pro 2024 might come with thinner borders, making it look sleeker. Some say this might be good for looks, but others worry about losing space to hold the tablet comfortably. Besides the slim borders, the iPad Pro 2024 might have an OLED display, a powerful M3 chip, and even support wireless charging. These changes could make it a big upgrade from older models. We might see it soon, maybe this month or in the next few months.