Curved 55″ Mini-LED Monitor Samsung Odyssey Ark Launch September 12

Samsung is one of the market leaders in displays, monitors and TVs, and its obvious that the do not intend to lose that title when we look at their latest new display thing, the Samsung Odyssey Ark:

This is a curved 55-inch mini-LED display with 4K resolution and a €3,499 price tag to match.

The release date for the Samsung Odyssey Ark is September 12.

And we're seeing that proper integrated speakers are making more and more of a comeback again on the newest monitors and displays so that users don't have to rely entirely on additional speakers systems or soundbars, although they can still be used to compliment the experience.

So Samsung's Ark screen also has 4 corner speakers and 2 woofers at 60 watts, and an audio output in the range down to 45Hz.

The curve can be used either horizontally or vertically, and it supports 4 split screens too for maximum productivity, whether that's in gaming or work.

– Jim Miller