Most Common iPad Problems And Their Fixes

Common iPad Problems

The iPad is often rated as one of the top tablets and is seen as a pioneer in the tablet industry. Therefore, the first tablet issues you might face are probably with an iPad. If you're unsure how to repair your device, don't worry. Everyone has to begin learning somewhere.

Here are a few common issues that often affect iPads, along with some tips on how to fix them. To begin fixing your iPad, carefully read the advice related to your specific problem.

The issues discussed below mainly focus on the standard Apple iPad but might also be relevant to other models of Apple's tablet. Additionally, we offer guides for problems specific to the iPad Pro and iPad Air if you need more tailored advice.

It's worth mentioning that the classic tip to turn your device off and then on again also works for iPads. Our detailed guide on how to reset an iPad, covering both soft and factory resets, might help you further.

Faulty pixels

It's irritating when a pixel stops working on your iPad. You might see this as a dot on the screen that won't change color or stays black, regardless of what's on the display. At times, you might find several pixels acting this way.

iPadOS updates failing to install

Excited about the newest iOS/iPadOS updates and their features? You might find that your iPad stubbornly won't download the update, even if it's supposed to or was set to update at a certain time. 

Luckily, this often happens because certain update requirements aren't met, not because of a lasting problem with your iPad.

If updates aren't happening, here are some usual problems: * Ensure your iPad has at least 50% battery or plug it in. * Don't use cellular data for the internet as big downloads won't start on it. Ensure Low Power Mode is off. If it's on by mistake, the update might not work. * 

Turn off your VPN if you have one. While you can whitelist sites on some VPNs, it doesn't always work for downloading updates directly from Apple. So, disable it for this change, and then turn it back on later.

The screen freezing issue

Occasionally, your iPad screen may freeze and not respond to your touch. This is a common issue, often caused by an app, though it can be hard to pinpoint which one.

If it keeps happening, remember what's running and uninstall it to see if it fixes the problem for good. Regardless of the cause, the quick solutions to troubleshoot a frozen iPad screen are always the same.

iPad doesn't power up

It's frustrating when any electronic device won't turn on. Don't worry too much, though; it might be simple to fix.

iTunes or Finder can't detect the iPad

Sometimes iTunes or Finder might have a glitch and not detect your iPad. This can cause problems with using your iPad as usual. If iTunes or Finder don't recognize your iPad, you can try a few things to fix the issue.

iPad doesn't charge

If your iPad won't charge with a power adapter, try using a different one. Check if the USB port on your computer is charging by looking at the battery icon. If it's charging, you'll see the lightning symbol; if not, it will say “Not charging.” 

Some computer ports can't provide enough power to charge the iPad, so it may charge slowly or not at all.

Keep reading for more ways to troubleshoot an iPad that won't charge.

Common iPad Problems

iPad can't connect to Wi-Fi

Not many users want an iPad without internet, but getting connected can be tricky. Before troubleshooting, check if Wi-Fi is on in Settings > Wi-Fi on the iPad. Also, ensure Wi-Fi works on another device.

iPad is slow or lagging

If your iPad feels slow and laggy, try a couple of fixes. You might have too many apps running.

Cellular data connection keeps dropping

Dropped cellular data connections can be annoying, especially when moving around. Coverage in your area greatly affects this. If your phone has good coverage but the iPad doesn't, try a few things. 

First, ensure cellular data is on in Settings > General > Cellular. You could also restart the device. If the problem persists, follow the steps below.

iPad crashes and glitches unexpectedly

Your iPad may randomly shut down, restart, or crash apps. This might be more common on older iPads. To fix it, pay attention to what you were doing when it happens and look for patterns over time.

Battery recharges slowly

Normally, it takes about three hours for an iPad to recharge. Older models might take up to four hours. However, some users find that it takes much longer. Here are a few tips to try and speed up the charging process.

Apple Pencil not functioning

We know it's frustrating when the Apple Pencil doesn't work, especially since you likely bought it for your iPad. Here are some solutions to try to get them working together again.

iPad continuously restarting

A bootloop is when your device keeps turning off and on repeatedly. The iPad gets stuck in this cycle, which seems never-ending. 

These loops often happen due to a bug in the last app you used, but other factors could also cause them. Here are some recommendations to stop the looping before seeking help at the Apple Store.