Chuwi Offers Official Root Files For Chuwi Hi9 Plus

While we mentioned yesterday that the 10.8-inch Chuwi Hi9 Plus is among Chuwi's deca-core tablets eligible for the Android 9.0 update in 2019, that's far from the only interesting new development around it.

Starting now in January, Chuwi is also offering official rooting files from their own software labs starting with the Chuwi Hi9 Plus.

The official Chuwi Hi9 Plus 971MB root file is available for download from

I don't know about you, but I think it's very cool that Chuwi demonstrates this level of engagement with its customers, so Chuwi could be in for a good year in 2019.

Chuwi Hi9 Plus Root Android Tablet Rooting File Download
Chuwi Hi9 Plus

Chuwi appropriately cautions in a disclaimer before rooting that: “Please properly back up your important data before operation. Consumers should bear the loss of data or device damage caused by improper operation.”

But if you are even interested in rooting this tablet, then you are likely to already have some experience with what you are getting into.

– Tom Bowen