Bluetooth Keyboard Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 Coming Soon

Samsung haven't announced it yet, but since last week it's been adding a new Bluetooth keyboard to its website across the world, called Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500.

The keyboard is meant to be used with all types of computer devices, be it laptops, tablets, smartphones, or other computer devices that has Bluetooth connection.

It's not as thin as Apple's wireless keyboards. Instead it's a little thicker in the backend, so that it slopes forward when a user hits the keys.

It has 79 keys, including a few hotkeys as well, but first of all for Samsung's ecosystem of One UI 3.1.

Specs for Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 are just Bluetooth 5.0, for a keyboard that's powered by AAA batteries, with a weight of 412 grams, and black or white color options.

– Tom Bowen