Best Parental Control Apps for Teenagers Phones

Keeping teenagers safe online is a big concern for parents today. A startling fact: teens spend an average of nine hours a day on their devices. Our blog post will guide you through the best parental control apps to help monitor and protect your teen's digital life.

Key Takeaways

  • Parental control apps help keep teens safe online by blocking bad content, managing screen time, and tracking their location.
  • Key features to look for in these apps include monitoring calls and texts, setting up safety zones with location tracking, and filtering out inappropriate internet content.
  • Apps like uMobix, GEOfinder, SpyBubble, Glassagram, and Mobile Tracker Free offer various tools for digital parenting. They make it easier to watch your teen's phone use without invading too much privacy.

Importance of Parental Control Apps for Teenagers

Parental control apps for teenagers serve as digital parenting tools that help parents monitor their kids' online activities. These apps ensure child internet safety by blocking access to inappropriate content and managing screen time.

With cyberbullying and online predators posing real threats, these apps offer a sense of security. They enable parents to keep tabs on who their teenagers are talking to and what they're viewing online.

Using parental control features like text and call monitoring also helps maintain open lines of communication between parents and teens about digital etiquette. Location tracking ensures the physical safety of teenagers by letting parents know where they are at all times.

Such technology supports using a cell phone tracker for a teen's device while respecting their growing need for independence. 

Top Features to Look for in Parental Control Apps for Teenagers

Choosing the right parental control app for your teenager means focusing on key features. You want apps that can filter out bad content, manage screen time, track location, and monitor calls and texts.

Monitoring and Blocking of Inappropriate Content

Parents can use parental control apps to keep an eye on what their teenagers see online. These apps help block websites and content that might be harmful. They make the internet safer for kids by keeping away stuff like violence or adult material. Parents get tools to set up filters that match their family's values.

These apps also send alerts if a teenager tries to visit blocked sites. This feature keeps parents informed about potential risks. It supports open conversations about internet safety between parents and teenagers. Managing what teens can access online protects them from being exposed to things they're not ready for yet.

Screen Time Management

Screen time management lets parents set limits on how much time their teenagers spend on their phones. This feature in parental control apps helps manage teen screen time effectively.

You can decide specific hours during the day or night when your child can use their phone. Some apps even allow you to block access to all apps or selected ones during homework time or bedtime.

Location Tracking

Location tracking is a key feature in parental control apps for teenagers' phones. It lets parents know where their teens are at all times. This tool uses the GPS on the teen's phone to share real-time locations with parents.

Parents can see if their teenager is at school, home, or somewhere they shouldn't be. They can also set up safe zones, like home or school, and get alerts if their teen leaves these areas.

Call and Text Monitoring

Parents use apps for monitoring calls and texts to keep an eye on who their teenagers are talking to. These tools let parents see the phone numbers, and times of calls and even read text messages. This helps in making sure kids aren't speaking with strangers or getting unwanted messages.

These apps also allow setting up alerts for certain words or phrases in texts. If a teenager receives a message with a flagged word, the app notifies the parent. This feature keeps teens safe from online bullying or inappropriate content without invading their privacy too much.

Top 5 Parental Control Apps for Teenagers

Finding the best parental control apps can give parents peace of mind. Each app offers unique features to keep teenagers safe online and manage their screen time effectively.


uMobix is the best phone tracker app and stands out as a top choice for parents seeking the best parental control apps for teenagers' phones. It offers a wide range of features, including real-time location tracking, text and call monitoring, online safety tools, and screen time management.

This app helps parents keep an eye on their children's phone usage and ensures they stay safe online. It also excels in monitoring social media activity across various platforms, giving parents peace of mind about who their teens are interacting with.

With uMobix, setting up alerts for specific activities or locations is easy, making it a versatile tool in the quest for digital parenting. Parents choose uMobix to manage teen screen time effectively while ensuring their kids enjoy a balanced digital life.

GEOfinder helps parents know where their kids are. This app lets you track your teenager's location using their phone number. You just need to send a request, and once your child confirms it, you can see their location on a map. It's simple to use for both parents and teenagers.

This tool is great for ensuring kids' safety without being too invasive. Parents can check locations without constant calling or texting, giving teens some freedom while keeping them safe. It works well on both Android and iPhone, making it accessible to many families.


SpyBubble stands out as a top choice for parents wanting to monitor their teenagers' phone activities. It offers features such as text and call monitoring, location tracking, and access to social media conversations.

This app helps in ensuring online safety for kids by keeping an eye on who they're talking to and what content they're viewing. It also allows parents to manage screen time effectively. By setting limits on phone use, SpyBubble assists in preventing excessive screen exposure.

Parents can rest easier knowing they have tools at their disposal for managing teen screen time while promoting healthier digital habits.


Glassagram offers an easy-to-use solution for parents wanting to ensure their teenagers' online safety. This app allows you to see through Instagram activities, providing insights into what your child views and shares on the popular social media platform. No installation is required.

You can monitor private and public stories, check followers, and view liked posts without being detected. Glassagram helps keep your teen safe from online threats by offering detailed reports of their Instagram usage. It is also possible to download any content to your device for later viewing. 

The app stands out for its specific focus on Instagram monitoring. Parents find it valuable because many teens use this app daily. With Glassagram, keeping an eye on your kids secretly becomes simple. You gain peace of mind knowing what content they are exposed to. 

Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Tracker Free stands out as a great choice for parents who want to ensure their teenagers' safety online and offline.

This app allows phone monitoring for parents with features like text and call monitoring, location tracking, and access to saved media files on the teen's device. Parents can easily see who their child is texting or calling, making it simpler to protect them from potential dangers.

Another key aspect of Mobile Tracker Free is its ability to manage screen time effectively. This encourages healthier digital habits in teenagers by limiting their exposure to screens. The app helps promote online safety for kids by giving parents the tools they need to monitor internet usage and block inappropriate content.

With Mobile Tracker Free, ensuring your teenager's well-being becomes more manageable, making it one of the best parental control apps for Android and iPhone users looking for comprehensive digital parenting tools.


Choosing the right parental control app for your teenager's phone is key to keeping them safe online and managing their screen time. Each app offers unique features, from tracking location to monitoring calls and texts.

Consider what matters most for your family's needs. With options like uMobix, GEOfinder, SpyBubble, Glassagram, and Mobile Tracker Free, you have a strong starting point. Keep your teen safe in the digital world with these top tools at your disposal.