Best iPads Of 2024 

We can help you choose the right iPad, whether you want a standard model, iPad Mini, iPad Air, or iPad Pro. Our experts will find the best one for your budget.

There are four types of iPads: iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. They are designed for different users and budgets.

Despite being launched in 2010, Apple's iPad still leads the tablet market and is one of the most expensive tablets available.

We will compare the latest iPad models based on their features and performance in our tests. This will help you choose the best one for you. We will also show you where to find the best prices.

best iPads for 2024

Which iPad should I get? 

There are four models to choose from. 

  • The standard iPad is the least expensive. 
  • The Mini is smaller but more powerful. 
  • The Air is similar in size to the standard iPad but often has better features. 
  • The iPad Pros have larger screens and the most advanced features. 

Deciding which iPad has the best features can be tricky. A newly released standard iPad might be better than an older iPad Air without recent updates.

    iPad (2022) iPad Mini (2021) iPad Air (2022) iPad Pro 11-inch (2022) iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2022) iPad Pro
Processor Apple A14 Bionic Apple A15 Bionic Apple M1 Apple M2 Apple M2
Ram 4GB 4GB 8GB 8GB – 16GB  8GB – 16GB
Storage 64 – 256GB 64 – 256GB 64 – 256GB 128GB – 2TB  128GB – 2TB
Screen  10.9-inch – 2,360 x 1,640 resolution 8.3-inch – 2,266 x 1,488 resolution 10.9-inch – 2,360 x 1,640 resolution 11-inch – 2,388 x 1,668 12.9-inch – 2,732 x 2,084 resolution 
Weight 482g 293g 466g 467g  682g
Typical lowest price £499 £569 £669 £899 £1,249

iPad 2022 Takes on Mini, Air, Pro, and Competitors

The standard iPad is a well-known tablet. Some people see it as the starting and ending point for the market. It's the cheapest iPad, but still costs £499 for the basic model.

It's not as powerful as the Air and Pro because it has the A14 chip. The iPad Mini sits in between with its A15 chip. The processor affects speed and how well the tablet handles demanding apps.

RAM is important too. More RAM means the iPad feels faster and more responsive. The iPad and iPad Mini have 4GB, while the Air and Pro have 8GB or even 16GB in some Pro models.

The standard iPad has a good screen, using Retina Display technology like other iPads. It shows vibrant colors and detailed images.

All iPads are powerful and look good. The choice mostly depends on screen size. The standard iPad and iPad Mini are good for most people. The Air and 11-inch Pro are for those needing more power. The 12.9-inch Pro is almost like a laptop, good for editing photos or videos. You might want a keyboard or stylus for it.

Comparing iPad Prices

iPad and Apple products don't usually have many sales, but checking other stores can help you find lower prices. Here are the best prices we found for the newest models at major retailers.

For most people, the regular iPad or iPad Mini is enough. You don't need to spend more on the iPad Air or iPad Pro.

best iPads for 2024


Choose this if you want a fast tablet for gaming and quick app loading. You also enjoy watching videos and viewing pictures on a sharp, colorful screen.

iPad Mini

Get this if you prefer a smaller tablet. It's easier to carry and hold with one hand, but it's still fast and has a great screen.

iPad Air

If you want an 11-inch tablet that can handle many apps at once without slowing down, the iPad Air is for you. It's also perfect for watching videos and playing games on its bright, high-resolution screen.

iPad Pro:

If you want to edit photos and videos or prefer a larger screen, the iPad Pro has a big screen option of up to 12.9 inches.

Best iPad for kids:

Unless your child is a very talented artist, they don't need a big tablet with a stylus. A simpler version will work fine.

An iPad Mini is good for small hands, but the cheaper and larger iPad from 2021 is probably the best choice. It's unlikely they'll need advanced software, and the bigger screen is good for games and videos.

It's also the least expensive iPad available now, and Apple provides software support for about two to three more years.

For a more powerful tablet, the iPad Air is a good choice. Its M1 processor is better for design apps and photo and video editing.

But for most kids, the 2021 iPad is probably the best option, and you can find where to buy it cheapest in the table below.

How much storage should I get for an iPad?

iPads can't add extra storage later like some Android tablets can with memory cards. So, it's important to choose the right amount from the start.

best iPads for 2024

Here's what we suggest for different uses:

  • 64GB: This is the smallest option for newer iPads. It's usually enough for most people. You can download books, a few Netflix series, and lots of photos before needing iCloud storage.
  • 128GB: If you have many apps, games, and plan to download lots of movies and TV shows, it's better to get more storage.
  • 256GB: If you'll use your iPad Pro like a laptop, for things like music, videos, and photos, it's smart to get this much.
  • 1TB and 2TB: These huge storage sizes (1,000GB and 2,000GB) are only for the iPad Pro. Most people won't need this much, but if you edit raw 4K videos, it's wise to choose the biggest storage available.

Which iPad is the best to buy?

Apple usually sells only one iPad version at a time, but other stores might have older ones. You can also find older iPads that have been fixed up or used.

Generation means version. For example, the newest iPad from 2022 is the 10th generation. It would be easier if Apple named it the iPad 10, but they don't.

So which iPad is the best? Generally, it's smart to get the newest one or, if you want to save money, one released in the past two years.

That's because newer iPads have better parts that can handle the latest apps and websites.

Plus, you'll get updates for the software for a longer time (five years or more for iPads), so you'll have the latest iPadOS and security fixes for a while.

Different generations of iPads are available:

  • iPad (2022) is the 10th generation. 
  • iPad Pro (2022) is the 6th generation. 
  • iPad Air (2022) is the 5th generation. 
  • iPad Mini (2021) is the 6th generation.

The top choice for drawing on iPads

Tablets are getting better for drawing because the pens are improving. Many iPad ads show someone drawing with an Apple Pencil. Even though it's called a “Pencil,” it's still a pen.

Artists often use special tablets like Wacom and Xencelabs for drawing, especially for movies and video games. But iPads are also great for drawing.

Which iPad is best for you depends on the screen size you want. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro has the biggest screen for your artwork.

But the 10.9-inch standard iPad is cheaper and still has a bright, high-resolution screen. Here are the best prices we found for these two models.

best iPads for 2024

Would you like a stylus for your iPad?

Using your finger is okay, but if you want better art or don't want fingerprints, a stylus is good.

The Apple Pencil is a fancy stylus made for iPads. It costs £129 from Apple, but it's more than just a basic stylus. It has sensors for pressure and tilt, so you can do detailed shading. But if you're just clicking links or selecting cells, these features might not be needed.

You don't have to buy the Apple Pencil. There are cheaper styluses from other brands. These might be better if you don't need all the special drawing features.

The Apple Pencil is only worth it if you'll actually draw with it. And you can often find it cheaper from other stores, not just Apple.

Apple Pencil compatibility

You can use three types of Apple Pencils. There's the 1st gen, the 2nd gen, and one that charges with USB-C. Each works with different iPads. Make sure yours will work before buying.

Answers to the top 5 questions about iPads

iPads are like big phones. They are easy to use, but there are still things you might not know about them. 

How to take a screenshot on an iPad

Press the power and volume buttons at the same time quickly. You will see a small picture of your screenshot in the corner of the screen. 

  • Quickly press the power and volume buttons together. 
  • Release the buttons to capture the screenshot. 
  • A thumbnail of the screenshot will appear briefly on the screen. 
  • If you have an older iPad with a home button, press the home and power buttons instead.
  • For iPads with a home button, press the home and power buttons together instead. 

To clear the cache on an iPad:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Safari.
  3. Tap on Safari.
  4. Select Clear History and Website Data.
  5. This will clear selected website data. You'll need to log in to websites again.

To remove split screen on an iPad:

  1. Find the black divider between the two windows.
  2. Drag the divider to resize the windows.
  3. Drag the slider left or right to make one window smaller.
  4. Drag it all the way to the side of the screen to make the smaller window disappear.

To rotate the screen on an iPad:

  1. Hold the tablet upright for portrait or horizontally for landscape.
  2. If it doesn't rotate, swipe down from the top-right to open Control Centre.