Best Dreamcast Emulators for Android: Relive the Nostalgia

Released in 1999, the Sega Dreamcast was an innovative console featuring online multiplayer and visual memory cards.

This article covers the top 5 Dreamcast emulators for Android. We’ll highlight their standout features, game compatibility, price and more.

1. Reicast (Free)


Reicast offers a simple set-up and high performance. To start, download a Dreamcast BIOS and games files in ZIP, 7Z or RAR formats.

Then place these files in Reicast’s folders on your device storage.

Turn on the frame rate counter to monitor performance. If needed, enable the frame skip option for smoother gameplay.

Reicast lacks some features of paid emulators. But its free price, speed and user-friendly interface make it a top choice.

2. Redream ($5.99)

Redream’s premium version unlocks useful options for $5.99. This includes unlimited save states to resume progress instantly.

You also get save state slots, high rendering resolutions up to 5K anddiscord support.

Setting up Redream starts by selecting your local games folder or Google Drive account.

Redream will then download cover art and descriptions automatically. With an intuitive interface, it makes finding and loading games simple.

Performance is excellent with over 400 compatible titles. Redream also properly emulates the Dreamcast microphone and light guns.

For the best features and presentation, it’s a superb emulator.

3. Flycast (Free)

Based on the open-source NullDC emulator, Flycast has high compatibility and frequently updated software.

It can run over 500 games smoothly, including Saturn ports like Grandia 2. Flycast also emulates arcade boards like Naomi via the Flycast RetroArch core.

Customizing controls is easy with built-in profiles for common gamepads. Other options include save states, cheats and 2x rendering resolution.

Syncing your progress across devices requires a free Flycast Cloud account.

As an open-source project, Flycast will keep improving for years to come. From hidden gems to all-time classics, it handles the Dreamcast library with polish.

4. Makaron (Free)

Makaron (Free)
Makaron (Free)

Makaron focuses on accuracy over enhancements. It meticulously mimics Dreamcast hardware for authentic gameplay.

Support covers most 2D fighters and RPGs, along with some racers like Metropolis Street Racer. Complex titles like Shenmue may not run at full speed, however.

Despite performance limitations, Makaron shines for arcade-perfect emulation.

It’s the best option for playing smooth 2D and simple 3D fighting games like Marvel vs. Capcom 2. With save state support as well, it meets the needs of casual retro gamers.

5. Mupen64Plus FZ (Free)

While not a pure Dreamcast emulator, Mupen64Plus FZ runs Atomiswave arcade games like Dolphin Blue and Maximum Speed.

Atomiswave was basically an arcade-only Dreamcast created by Sammy. So with this emulator, you can play exclusive titles lost to time.

Mupen64Plus FZ also emulates Nintendo 64, PlayStation 1, Game Boy Advance and other consoles.

Configuring gamepads and on-screen buttons is simple. And its vast game library spans decades of classics.

Relive Yesterday’s Classics Today

Dreamcast emulators let you revisit Sega’s swan song console on the go. With save states and graphics options, they often deliver better experiences than playing on original hardware.

For all-around quality, Redream is the best option and well worth the $5.99. But the free emulators like Reicast and Flycast also perform admirably.

With their customization features and growing compatibility, they offer everything casual gamers need.


Hopefully this guide helps you relive fond gaming memories. Let us know your favorite Dreamcast games and emulators in the comments!

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